Understanding The Shapes Of Toilet Seats Before Making A Purchase

The majority of us ignore how much time we spend on the toilet. Yet we indeed spend a significant portion of our life there. Operating the toilet seats is not a difficult task to accomplish (they open, they close, and they fit the toilet properly). But, picking the appropriate one might affect how you feel every time you use the toilet in your bathroom. Therefore, finding the ideal toilet seat for your needs is essential as it plays a significant role in your day-to-day life. But before that, you should know the shapes & sizes of Toilet Seats.



Pointed or elongated toilet seats are ubiquitous in the UK. They come in a variety of designs & styles. They are prominently found in traditional methods. Elongated or pointed Keramag toilet seats are more comfortable. However, it is a little bit more expensive than rounded designs. It takes slightly more space than its counterparts as well.


Like square-shaped seats, D-shaped Keramag toilet seats are a modern and stylish addition to your bathroom. However, they don’t quite have the same visual impact as square-shaped seats. It is excellent for those who want a modern feel in their bathroom without going too overboard.



The round Keramag toilet seats commonly fit with older design toilets. However, it will work best in traditional bathrooms. Round toilets don’t take up as much space as other toilet designs. Therefore, it will be a good option for bathrooms that lack space. They may look straightforward and minimalist, but round Keramag toilet seats can do wonders when it comes to giving a traditional feel to your bathroom.


Square-shaped Keramag toilet seats are standard in minimalist-style bathrooms. They are modern, & come in soft-close option. The angular shape makes them great for people who want to add a contemporary touch to the appeal of your bathroom.


Wraparound Seats

A lid on a wraparound seat entirely encloses the toilet seat. It will make the look of the toilet seat modern and stylish. The purpose of using the wrap over toilet seats is that it keeps things neat and solid. Maintaining a clean seat covered by the top lid is a good idea. They come in several forms that can be bought. But people love the square or D-shaped versions of Keramag toilet seats as they provide extra modern punch. 

Traditional toilet seats

There are countless possibilities for a vintage toilet seat that will go with a vintage bathroom. Traditional seats typically come in various finishes and are shaped like ovals. Soft close Keramag toilet seats are available for those of you who prefer a modern design with the appearance of a vintage seat.



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