Understanding the Difference between Custom Tools & Die Manufacturing

Understanding the Difference between Custom Tools & Die Manufacturing

Most custom manufacturing companies are producing tools and dies that are used to make almost everything you find around you. What does a Toronto custom manufacturing company do? A tool and die manufacturer works with specialized mechanists to make sure that manufacturing machines runs as smoothly as possible.

Usually, a custom tool manufacturer builds tools and fixtures and a machinist is dedicated to handling production machine work, assembly, and fitting. Machinists need to lay out metal stock, set up and operate machine tools. They fit and assemble parts to manufacture and repair dies, cut tools, gauges, jigs, etc.


Understanding the Difference between Tools and Dies

What’s the main difference between a tool and a die? A custom manufacturing company use both terms interchangeably in most circumstances. But there is a slight difference between these two. However, dies are the subset of tools; but not all tools are dies.

Let’s take an example, a tool can be almost any kind of device used o cut, form, support or mold metals in the metal stamping process. This means, jigs and fixtures are tools. But the dies are only tools that change the shape of metal functionally. In addition, a die need a specific attention. It’s nothing but the machine tool used in manufacturing industries for cutting and forming metals of different profiles and shapes as required.

You will find so many products made from dies like general office supplies including paper clips, more complex fixtures used in airplanes. In fact, machine tooling is a process to get special components and machines that are required for full-scale manufacturing

Final Takeaway –

Both tools and dies are the essentials for producing durable goods during the manufacturing process. They are serving so many industries like automotive, blow and injection molding, consumer products, farming equipment, food processing, medical, industrial equipment, laboratory equipment, etc. Please keep in mind that, manufacturing and production companies working around the world would be just next to impossible without tools and dies.


Bottom Line –

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