3 Affordable Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

3 Affordable Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

The bathroom in your home is no doubt the most expensive room to renovate, second only to kitchens. But you don’t need to make a hole in your wallet to make your bathroom feel luxurious. Listed below are our 3 favourite cost-effective bathroom decorating ideas for revamping the favourite place in your home.


Add a Place to Perch:

Virtually most luxurious bathroom you have stepped into is furnished with some sort of seating – be it simple looking garden stool or an elaborately imprinted armchair. Raw wood & soft upholstery infuses dimension and depth against stone and hard tile for a nicely-balanced sight. Not only does the accent look classy, it also feels splendid. You don’t need to do your pedicure on the toilet seat when you can do it on your very own seat.

Contain yourself:

We usually see hurricane jars filled cotton balls in the most well-furnished of bathrooms. The conventional look is not for everybody, and some homeowners like their toiletries more obscured. But one of the most tried & tested techniques for offering your bathroom an eminent aesthetic is to contain your odds and ends. You can keep your soap in a dish instead of the sink, stockpile your toothbrush in a good looking tumbler, or keep your cotton swabs in a gorgeous box. Believe us – this action will immediately tidy up your space and make it look expensive.

Add some marble:

Adding marble into your bathroom is perhaps the easiest way to take things to another level. Associated with sophistication and elegance, marble can be executed in different ways, from floors to showers to vanities, and containers that sit neatly on the sink.

In fact, the simplest way to infuse marble into the decoration of your bathroom is in the form of accessories. A marble soap ledge, toothbrush holder, shower seats, cotton ball container or shampoo holder can all transmute your bathroom into a glamorous and sophisticated spa-like retreat.


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