Ultimate Tricks To Keep Your Toilet In Tip-Top Condition

Do you observe your existing toilet seat becoming old or getting damaged and need a replacement? Do you just install the new toilet seat fittings or toilet seat & come to know what you’re doing? It is easy to install the toilet seat with a simple DIY project. It is an easy way to brighten up your existing toilet & bathroom without much effort and professional tools. Let’s follow some tricks that lead to keeping your toilet in tip-top condition.


Check whether you need the toilet seat.

Do you observe that your existing toilet seat & its fittings are not working correctly? Do you have an unsteady or sliding toilet seat? It does not mean that you may need a new seat right away! It can often be fixed by replacing the toilet seat fittings such as hinges or bolt adjustments. Adding the new hinge or bolt or replacing a broken bolt may be all that’s needed to make the seat steady.


Measure the toilet seat accurately.

One of the essential tips to bear in mind while replacing a toilet seat & lid is to take its measurements properly. The proper measure of the existing toilet and its shape ensure you buy the precise toilet seat fittings for your needs. Measuring the width of the toilet bowl, the space between the holes, and the length of the bowl from the middle is the way to get the best toilet seat and their fittings. Apply this no matter whether you need a round or oval seat shape. So, make sure to measure the existing toilet seat so that you can buy a replacement that fits appropriately.


Go for a wise shopping.

Do you want to get the top-quality toilet seat fittings that match best with your existing toilet seat, its shape and size? You can trust My Toilet Spare as they hold a wide range of quality toilet seat fittings that fit correctly with your existing toilets. If you want to upgrade your toilet seat, they can assist you with the precise toilet seat fittings you desire.


Make sure you have some tools to do the things. 

Replacing a toilet lid & seat or any toilet fitting doesn’t require much equipment! However, it’s best to start with tools like measuring tape, flat screwdriver, wrench plier. You may also use some anti-bacterial spray and hand gloves while ready before working on the toilet. Using knee pads or a towel or soft rug on the floor is also a good idea to keep your knee safe.


Carefully read the instructions in the manual.

Installing your new toilet seat fittings may be as simple as following the same process for removing the seat. However, the installation & replacement process will vary based on the type of toilet seat you’re installing. Reading the instructions carefully before attaching the new seat is always a wise idea for a comfortable seating experience. You know the things before making the installation simple & easy.


The ultimate way is to call an expert plumber.

If you feel DIY may go wrong with your bathroom fixture, your toilet, issues with the flush, running water issues in the tank and moisture around the toilet fixture, then call an expert plumber right away. For peace of mind over the health of your plumbing, booking an expert plumber inspection is a great idea.

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