Three Things To Look At Before Purchasing A New Toilet Seat

It can take time to select a new toilet seat! You may be faced with a plethora of choices, including nature, materials, colour, hinge, and a host of other things. The appropriate toilet seat choice can improve the appearance of your bathroom. How they assist you in achieving your desired look. We’ll examine the three factors you should consider while choosing a new toilet seat!


What design do you need for a toilet seat?

To locate the proper toilet seat, you must determine the form and size of your toilet bowl. It is necessary as toilets come in various sizes and shapes. The most frequent conditions for toilet seats are round or oval. However, square seats are also widespread. Therefore, it’s always preferable to match your toilet seat to the shape of your pan; you should be able to determine by examining what shape your toilet pan is. Additionally, you may have noticed that some toilet seats have a “wrap-around” design. It have the edgeas it provides a sleek, modern look.It is suggested that you take the following measurements to ensure the ideal fit:


– Fixing centre distance, or the space between your toilet’s two mounting holes.

– Measure the Width at broadest point: the width of your toilet pan when it is at its most comprehensive position

– Total depth: The height your toilet pan protrudes from the cistern or wall.

Top fix or bottom fix hinges?

Two types of hinges are available in the market! However, only some are appropriate for all toilets. Two bolts are inserted into the toilet pan to operate the hinge. The more conventional bottom fixing hinges consist of two bolts that go into your toilet bowl and get tightened from underneath. It must be accessible to the bottom of the pan, back-to-wall toilets or contemporary one-piece toilet designs. The top fastening hinges are appropriate in such a situation. The soft close seats with a slow release system quickly eliminate unwanted slamming noises. The quick-release hinges make it simple to remove the seat and lid from the toilet bowl. So cleaning the toilet became easy. Soft close Haro toilet seats have soft close hinges that bring extra touch of luxury to your bath room.


Choosing the finish and the material

The toilet seat you choose is a fantastic opportunity to tie your bathroom interior. Antibacterial finishes are available for those who want extra hygiene. It is treated with a substance that offers an extra layer of security and peace of mind. Remember that a fashionable toilet seat can make a statement. For instance, one that is brightly coloured or printed with a design. Additionally, there are a variety of unique designs, colours, materials, and finishes. Haro toilet seats fit the luxurious, traditional look while retaining the quality of your bathroom. It is much lighter and brings a versatile feel! It is advised to look over the options and choose something that goes well with your current characteristics. If you select the Haro toilet seat, you won’t experience any problems.


Take time for the little things while selecting a toilet seat. Get the proper shape and the right size, and choose a material that fits best in your home. If you need some guidance regarding style, type, and DIY tips please call My Toilet Spare at 01482 291992 today! You can email at for further details.