The Things To Look For While Selecting A Toilet Seat

When people design or renovate their bathrooms, they tend to pay little attention to the toilet seats. However, a toilet seat is equally essential in any bathroom design. Selecting a toilet seat will meet your criteria and gives your bathroom a pleasant look. It should be comfortable to sit on. They come in various sizes, styles, shapes, and flushing technology. It is essential to consider all these factors and make the proper selection when selecting a toilet seat. Let’s get started with the selection process.



The first thing one needs to consider is the toilet seat size. Toilet seats come in various sizes, making it essential to select the right fit and size before buying the toilet seat. Some people prefer elongated seats over round ones. Still, it is necessary to note that an elongated toilet seat will occupy more space than a round one. It will not look appropriate in smaller bathrooms. Determine the size of the toilet bowl and check the space it would acquire in your bathroom. 


There are different variants when it comes to toilet seat style! A typical toilet seat can be classified into four categories: one-piece, two-piece, wall mounted and smart toilets. The flushing tank is joined with the toilet seat in a one-piece toilet. These seats are easy to clean, and there are fewer chances of any germs or dirt accumulating as they have less space. On the other hand, the two-piece toilets have separate seats and tanks that are later attached during the installation process. Two-piece toilet seats are the most common and easier to clean. For the wall-mounted toilets, the seat is mounted on the wall, and the flush tank is installed inside the wall cavity. Maintenance and cleaning are complex in such lavatories. On the other hand, smart toilets have the latest features like water flow adjustments that the users can control easily.



The shape can be another variable when selecting a toilet seat. Choosing a seat that is compatible with your toilet and fits your toilet bowl is essential. Toilet seats generally come in four shapes: Rounded, Elongated, Square, and D- shaped. 

Seat Height:

The general height for a toilet seat is 17 inches, but some models also come with a height of 19 inches. From a medical perspective, one should prefer a seat with a lower height. However, a higher seat is advisable for older people who face difficulty while sitting and rising up or for people who are tall.



A single-piece toilet seat will be a little more expensive than a two-piece toilet. However, if you are looking for more luxury and features and budget is not a constraint, you can go for smart seat toilets. It is loaded with features like seat temperature setting and water temperature setting. 


White porcelain is the most widely used colour for toilet seats. However, you can be reassured if you have a different colour preference, as many manufacturers comes up with more colour options. To create a style statement, you can opt for a different colour that suits the colour of your bathroom tiles.



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