The Different Types Of Toilet Seats Available Today

Unless you are a toilet buff or plumber, you could be forgiven for thinking that all toilets are the same shape. Nevertheless, while the classic pan shape is either round or egg-shaped, more contemporary styles are adding a new dimension to our bathrooms. Angular, square, and D-shaped toilets have turned out to be more & more common, and they require a toilet seat to match. Here are a few of the several styles of toilet seats that are offered today:



Rounded toilet seats are widespread in older designs & fit conventional bathrooms pretty well. These types of toilets don’t consume as much space as other designs, so they are the perfect option for those who lack space. They may seem simple & modest, but round toilet seats are the best bet when you want to give your bathroom a more classical feel.



Elongated or pointed toilet seats are also pretty common these days. They are accessible in a wide range of styles and tend to be featured mainly in conventional designs. The majority of people find pointed toilets more comfortable, though they’re more expensive in comparison to round designs and consume a little more space.


Square seats are usually found in simple-style bathrooms. They’re modern, usually soft-close & angular. It is ideal for people who wish to infuse a modern touch to their bathroom.



D-shaped seats are stylish and modern alike square-shaped seats. They pack a little less of a punch visually than square-shaped seats. So are excellent for those who wish for a modern feel in their bathroom without going too overboard.

Wrap-over seat:

Wrap-over seats feature a lid that covers the seat completely. This makes them simple, contemporary, and trendy. They help keep things neat & solid, besides sustaining a clean seat that is guarded by the top lid. They are available in a wide range of shapes. But people usually like the D-shaped versions for some extra modern punch.


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