Rox Services – For Quick Professional Repair Of Restaurant Equipment In Portland

Rox Services – For Quick Professional Repair Of Restaurant Equipment In Portland

Need a repairing service for your restaurant equipment? Rox Services can be the one to help you with any of your damaged or non-working restaurant food equipment. You will have the best repair service from us. When Rox Services is there to help you, why to worry? We will quickly reach your place at any hour of the day to fix your food equipment. Rox Services is a professional repair service in Portland, offering professional repair and maintenance food services for commercial food equipment. Our services will offer you reliable solutions so that you can get back to work with a smooth-running food appliance at your restaurant. We know what problems arise when equipment stops in the middle of work. But, now Rox Services is there to quickly solve your issue.

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Rox Services is a 24/7 food equipment repair and maintenance service in Portland. Rox Services understands the importance of smooth-running kitchen appliances in commercial places like hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, etc. We have a team of trained technicians to fix any type of equipment. We have been in this line for a very long time. Hence, we are aware of all types of repairs and maintenance.

Have your food equipment repaired by the trusted repair service of Portland for perfect functioning? Yes, we guarantee the reliable repair of your restaurant kitchen appliance. After we have repaired the equipment, we will even do a final test, ensuring it works without any trouble. We have not only repair services to offer but also the maintenance services are available. Be sure, any service of Rox Services is trustable. You won’t face any hurdle while working on the food appliance, as our experienced technicians will repair it in the right way. Rox Services is just a phone call away.

restaurant equipment repairs

Rox Services fixes Restaurant Equipment in Portland professionally: Rox Services is an experienced service. We offer our repair services for appliances like –

  • Ice Machines: We offer the best ice machine repairs in Portland. We can repair all types of ice machines like half-cube ice machines, full-cube ice machines, etc. Even if you find the smallest problem in your ice machine just reach out to us. Issues like dirty water, limescale build-up, etc. will be fixed by our professionals.
  • Blast Chiller: Whatever problem your blast chiller shows can be fixed by Rox Services be it leakage, cooling problem, or, anything else. We will fix the blast chiller as quickly as possible.

Rox Services repairs many other equipments like ovens, dishwashers, commercial coolers, refrigerators, or any other food or kitchen equipment.

Why Choose Rox Services?

  • Rox Services has certified technicians.
  • We can repair any type of commercial food or kitchen appliance.
  • Rox Services is available throughout the day.
  • We are experienced.

Call Rox Services for a quick and reliable repair of your restaurant food equipment.

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