Replacing The Cistern Spares Enables You To Keep Your Toilet Flowing Smoothly

The Cistern is the top Toilet segment that holds water for flushing. It is an integral part of the toilet system! A well-maintained, safe cistern can boost property values even if you don’t have a specific use for it right now. When you flush, the cistern parts inside push down that water held in the Cistern.

It flushes the waste in the toilet bowl through its waste pipe! Once it is washed, the Cistern is then refilled with clean water. Are you wondering if your Cistern is too far gone to line and repair? It is time to call an expert to check things. Replacing the damaged fittings with new cistern spares makes it run like new!


With due care, the toilets can last for 40-50 years. Unfortunately, the toilet cistern won’t survive without a bit of extra attention! It must go through a bit of maintenance every few years. The Cistern of the Toilet is filled through the direct water supply pipe. A valve controls the water supply in the Cistern. It is governed by the plastic float you found floating on the water inside the Cistern. The plastic float keeps an eye on the water level in the Cistern. On the other end, it recognizes when it needs to fill the Cistern to maintain the proper water level and opens and closes the valve accordingly.

When you flush the Toilet, the float detects that the Cistern is empty and opens the valve to let water in.


Sometimes, you may face issues with the toilet cistern. You can meet big problems due to accidents, mishaps, or issues due to neglect or lack of maintenance. Lack of due care will make Toilet keep running, or it won’t flush as it should be. If you notice your Cistern constantly filling up with water, there may be a leak. Damage to the Cistern’s valves and mechanisms is possible!

All such things can be resolved by replacing the precise cistern spares. There is no need to replace the entire Cistern as simple Cistern spares replacement can make it run like new.


There are several moving parts inside a toilet cistern. Most of them get old & subjected to damage after continuous use. It may be damaged, broken or cracked, and there could be leaks. You can sometimes replace individual cistern spares if there’s something wrong with the Cistern itself. Serious leaks will lead to water loss. If your toilet cistern isn’t working as it did before, then it has the following issues:

  • Leakage due to a crack or other damage
  • Improper flushing as there is an issue in the syphon
  • Toilet is running constantly
  • Cistern that won’t flush
  • Low water level
  • Blocked Toilet
  • Make strange noise


Suppose you find such issues or any plumbing issues. Check out any of these plumbing problems then it is time to replace the precise cistern spares right away. Once figuring out which parts you need, you can find them online at Replacing the cistern spares and products you can use enables you to keep your Toilet flowing normally. Whatever you plan to do, you can find suitable Cistern spares to accomplish your cistern goals here at My Toilet Spares in the UK.

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