Replace The Hinges On Your Toilet Seat Instead Of The Entire Toilet Seat

The toilet seat hinges are one of the crucial mechanisms placed at the back of the seat. It operates the seat movement and keeps the seat intact in its place, and is responsible for raising and lowering the seat. But such a part of the toilet seat wears out over time and needs care. If your toilet seat hinges are broken or stripped out, then a simple replacement could be the best solution, not the entire toilet seat. You can easily replace your toilet seat hinges by ordering the specific one from a reputed online store that stocks numerous toilet accessories. They provide multiple toilet seat hinges designed to replace your current hinges quickly and easily.


Selecting the correct hinges is crucial for a smooth toilet function. For this, you need to measure the length of the toilet seat hinges set on the existing toilet seat to determine the size of the toilet seat hinges. However, the width of the toilet seat hinges rarely matters unless you have a fancy or specially designed lavished toilet seat. Next, count the number of screws by popping the lid where the screws are hidden on the hinges. Finally, never forget to measure the distance between the screws.


It is always wise to find toilet seat hinges that fit your toilet. Also, consider the aesthetics or functionality of the bathroom before selecting the seat hinges. Toilet seat hinges are a comparatively low-cost item.  Determine whether the toilet seat hinges you want at first. If price is a consideration, eliminate styles that are out of your financial range. The following are examples of toilet seat hinges that you may encounter:

Plastic: Plastic is a low-cost material and is not highly durable. But it can be replaced quickly.

Metal: The metal toilet seat hinges look much better in appearance. It is more durable and a little more expensive. But not much expensive as people think!

Designer: Designer toilet seat hinges are more expensive and are usually created for specific toilet brands & designs.

Pneumatic: Pneumatic toilet seat hinges are expensive. It keeps the seat intact in its place and prevents the seat from collapsing.

Rod and hinge: Such toilet seat hinges are expensive but fit to any toilet, one long metal arm with hinges attached


Now comes the replacement part, which is also easy if you follow the manual carefully. With the correct tools and spare components, it is easy to replace the toilet hinges. First, remove the old toilet seat by popping open the screw cover and removing the screws. Next, remove the protective caps from the hinges so they can be inserted into the toilet base. Next, align both hinges to the holes on the base of the toilet seat. Next, place the new toilet seat hinges on the toilet base and screw the bottom hinge carefully. Next, replace the seat, attach the top hinge to it, attach them to the toilet seat, & make sure the screws remain tight. Finally, check it by raising and lowering the toilet seat. If you find it works smoothly, then you are done.


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