4 Common Student Activities at A/C Refrigeration Technician School

Have you decided to take up the 2-year training program at an A/C refrigeration technician school? Do you imagine yourself in an HVAC training lab? Are you excited to get the hands-on training for working on commercial and residential HVAC equipment?

Let us discuss the student activities! 

  1. Learning about the Technical Subject Matter

Technical subject matter in refrigeration and HVAC training could include HVAC system designs, air conditioning control principles, the laws of thermodynamics, electric and gas heating, and energy management.

  • Residential and Commercial Systems

At the A/C refrigeration school, students learn about how to work with commercial and residential HVAC equipment. You can gain the skills to repair, install, and maintain comfort systems. 

  • Electricity Fundamentals and Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques

As a student, you could learn electrical concepts and theories. The training program may involve learning about electrical wiring, systems, motors, test meters, and troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting is one of the essential skills set for a technician. You can get the knowledge of identifying problems with faulty equipment and making repairs at a refrigeration school. In advanced troubleshooting classes, you get to know about the techniques like diagnosing problems with split air conditioning systems and heat pumps and plotting the refrigeration cycle. 

  1. Taking Part in Hands-On Training

Hands-on training can give you real-world experience. You gain knowledge about the techniques and practices used in the field of HVAC service. It allows you to simultaneously learn about the different ways to deal with real-time issues, for example, repairing a faulty system or installing an HVAC component.

Hands-on training helps students to gain a good understanding of how the subject matter is practically applied in the field. During the training, you can work on HVAC equipment that helps reinforce your knowledge. You can ask questions right in the lab during the training. It helps you know the concepts and correct techniques from your instructor.

  1. Knowing about Time Management

In high school, you have had a preset schedule, spending most of the day in classes and the rest participating in extracurricular activities. But an A/C refrigeration school, you have to figure out how to manage your time in a refrigeration school. Here, the classes could be more spread out, and you may get free time in-between classes. It requires you to learn how to manage your class time and free time. 

  1. Growing Network by Meeting Friends and HVAC Industry Professionals

When you join an A/C refrigeration school, you won’t be the only student in your training program. You can meet peers who share a passion for the HVAC industry and step outside your comfort zone to try new activities. 

Another benefit of the training program is that you have the opportunity to meet industry professionals. A/C refrigeration school instructors are experienced professionals who have years of industry knowledge and training. From them, you can get valuable lessons and practical tips to excel in the HVAC field. 

Now you would have a better idea of what an A/C refrigeration technician school could be like for new students. If you need to know more about the educational journey ahead, then contact CBT College

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