Locks That You Should Rekey Regularly At Your Commercial Apartment Complex

Being the owner or manager of an apartment complex, it’s critical to stay on top of the safety of your building. And your 1st step should be getting in touch with the best locksmith near me in Springfield MD to ensure your locks are secure.

With continuous use, locks start to wear out, which can be pretty risky especially at an apartment complex with numerous people coming through.

Being a reliable resource of professional locksmiths In Springfield MD we advocate checking & changing the below-listed locks at your apartment complex on a regular interval.

Pool Gate Locks:

Changing your pool locks on a regular interval is a must especially with young kids around. Being an apartment owner in Springfield, you probably have a great deal of traffic in & out of the pool region where the lock can wear out quickly or the door mightn’t close appropriately.

locksmith near me in Springfield MD

We suggest not just hiring a locksmith on a regular basis to re-key your pool gate, but also screening it regularly to keep your tenants secure.

Individual apartment locks:

Though it might sound like common sense, a lock must be changed after a tenant moves out – it isn’t worth risking the new tenant’s security or getting sued.

So, what if the apartment has been dwelled in by the same person for several years?

We still advocate updating the locks in regular interval.

Storage Closets:

Just imagine how many personnel have had access to the storage closet keys. How many of those staffs are no longer working at the apartment complex?

Think about the number of keys you have had to replace because they are stolen or misplaced.

It is probably the time to upgrade your locks!

Main Office:

Like the above-mentioned examples, a lot of people have likely had access to your keys at some point. With so many vital documents and costly items in your workplace, we advocate changing this lock in a regular interval, too!

At E&L Locksmith & Garage Doors Services, we have turned out to be the most preferred locksmith supplier for numerous apartment buildings in Springfield and nearby regions. We are here to make sure the safety of you & your residents. We take pride on our high-quality commercial locksmith solutions. We service, install and rekey not just your regular locks, but key cards, and different type of high-security locks as well. Feel free to call us if you are looking for a punctual locksmith near me in the Springfield region.

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