Know Whether Your Commercial Walk-In Cooler Need Repair or Replacement

Know Whether Your Commercial Walk-In Cooler Need Repair or Replacement

A commercial kitchen is incomplete without a walk-in cooler in it. Both your inventory and customers depend on it quite notably. When you face issue with your walk-in cooler, it is critical to spot the root cause of the issue ASAP.

The decision of repairing or replacing a walk-in cooler is not always straightforward. Naturally, you wish to save money while getting the performance you require. As with any other part of your cooling system, upkeep can prolong the walk-in cooler life for years – but only to a certain point.

Commercial Cooler Repair

Making the decision to replace at the right time can save you money, time and frustration. However, doing it early can bring unwanted expenses & a prolonged turnaround time that can be disturbing to your operations.

Here is how to make the correct decision to fulfil your business requirements:

How old your walk-in cooler is?

Your commercial walk-in cooler allocates some traits with any other refrigeration device. Irrespective of size, it depends on a commercial compressor. That entails age is an important factor in terms of performance. When your commercial walk-in cooler closes to 10 years of age, you can anticipate performance declination.

Commercial Cooler Repair

The majority of business will look for a replacement between the eight to twelve year mark.

In contrary, mechanical wear & tear can prompt hardware breakdown before the ten year mark. This is where you would like to consider a commercial cooler repair service which is a faster & less expensive option.

Issues with temperature level:

Many commercial walk-in coolers run at a temperature level around 34 degree Celsius. The 1st thing to check out if there’re difficulties in maintaining the temperature. Refrigerator levels are the next most probable offender.


Keep in mind that, just like a normal freezer, your walk-in cooler relies on correct air flow to sustain a steady temperature all through the environment. How your pack & pile your food inventory can affect your walk-in temperature & energy use.

Increased energy use over time:

Sometimes, performance mayn’t be impacted noticeably, but the walk-in needs more energy to run. Increased energy usage can point to essential upkeep that is being ignored, but it hardly entails the system has to be replaced. Ensure your facilities plan includes the weekly, quarterly and monthly maintenance tasks you will need to make the most of your walk-in.

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