How To Clean A Toilet Seat

How frequently are you humiliated by the shade of your urine-stained toilet seat? Since the toilet is one of the most frequented regions of a house, it’s not unexpected to see the toilet seat stained. While a typical house owner invests an impressive measure of energy washing the powerhouse, urine stains can make your attempt unbeneficial. So, after you buy a Roca toilet seat, clean that properly to have a clean toilet.


The necessity of having a sparkling toilet seat 

If you have the entire region of the toilet spotless with just the seat filthy, your toilet may not be smelly and will not help to grow microbes.

Nonetheless, the stains on your toilet seat can say a great deal about how much effort you put into your family’s cleanliness.

A few parts of the toilet seat, mainly the underside, are often victims of urination and defecting. With time, they will develop stains that challenge the utilisation of ordinary cleansers and water, which are incredibly hard to eliminate.


Likewise, stained toilet seats are a blemish that you might see challenging to disregard with time. This could provoke you to supplant the seat with practically no cracks on it.

So, it is wise to clean a toilet seat. We discuss some methods to do so.

Various strategies for cleaning the toilet seat

There are multiple ways through which you can keep your toilet seat clean. In any case, we have concocted the three best techniques.


Use of Bleach

Bleach is a great sanitiser and disinfectant. It is especially suggested for cleaning the toilet seat.

Bleach can disturb the eyes, skin and different parts of the body. Be mindful to safeguard yourself by utilising gloves, eyewear, nose guard, and other defensive wear.

Try not to involve bleach on rusty surfaces as it can create additional harm.

Baking Soda Paste and Elbow Grease

Even though detergent will assist remove with a few staining and discolouration, it requires a considerable effort to determine the best outcome. Hence, in this manner, the requirement for a subtler strategy.

You can use baking soda paste and elbow grease to remove the ugly sight of your toilet seat and make a shining clean appearance.


Use of Vinegar

Hard stains on the toilet can be disturbing and will not go rapidly.

Vinegar contains a few organic substances that respond with stains and render them feeble for simple expulsion.


Any of the three strategies above will work, so you are allowed to pick whichever is alright with. Guarantee there is ventilation when you believe you should do the cleaning.

So, after you have purchased the Roca toilet seat from My Toilet Spares, follow any of the above methods to keep it sparkling clean. You can call My Toilet Spares at 01482 291992 to place your order.

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