How Long Do Toilet Seats Last, And Why Do You Need To Replace Them?

Most toilet seats do not have an expiry date! As a result, determining how often you need replace your toilet seat is difficult. Toilet seats should last 10 to fifteen years on average. But it will be based on how often it is used, the material used in it and the quality of the installation. A plumber may advise you to replace your toilet seat if it is more than 15 years old or break for any reason, or you consider its up-gradation with a soft closing. However, there are a few explanations or factors that may assist you in determining whether to replace your toilet seat.


Nature of materials

Toilet seats are often composed of plastic or wood, and they are either padded or un padded. Most toilet seat manufacturers use plastic as the standard toilet seat material. However, they use different grade plastic materials to produce numerous toilet seats. Polypropylene is a common and long-lasting plastic used in the process, however it fades over time. Duroplast is another long-lasting material used in toilet seats. It is not only difficult to decompose, but it is also harmful to the environment. Because they are prone to cracking, rotting, and wear, wooden toilet seats are not as durable as plastic toilet seats. Vitra toilet seats last a long time and are less prone to cracking, and with proper care, they can last even longer.

Hinges and Accessories

Hinges are an integral feature of the toilet seat’s hardware. Purchasing low-grade toilet seats with flimsy hinges brings failure and will force you to replace your toilet seat sooner. Over time, the best hinges break or wear out, requiring replacement. If the hinges of your Vitra toilet are broken, you do not need to change the whole toilet seat. However, replacing the hinges could be the best solution. You can replace your Vitra toilet seat hinges and seat easily with the correct tools and right spares. In addition, the Vitra toilet seat and its hinges are easier to fit and remove for cleaning.


Extent of Use

The more members in your home will lead to shortening the durability of your existing toilet seat. In addition, the frequency of use is more in bigger size families. It will ultimately increase its use and hence opened and closed many times a day. It endangers the survival of hinges and other accessories. Adding a Vitra toilet seat will reduce the hinges or the seat itself due to banging when closing.

Bath room environment

It’s most commonly used on wooden toilet seats. High moisture levels can damage uncoated wooden toilet seats. Are you living in a humid area, or have your toilet located close to the shower or bathtub? You probably need to replace your wooden toilet seats more often. Why not add a Vitra toilet seat to get rid of such frequent issues and expenses!


Due to renovation work

Accidents are more likely during renovations. For example, if a heavy hammer or any other tool falls on your toilet seat, it might crack, and you have to get a new one for replacement. To protect both your toilet seat and pipes, you can permanently remove the seat and cover the toilet with another material.

Need to make a change

Do you use the existing toilet seat for the last decade or more and wish to bring a new shape to your bathroom? Upgrading with a soft close Vitra toilet seat can be a way to get luxury and comfort to your bathroom.

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