How Does Tender Alert/Notification Service Work?

How Does Tender Alert/Notification Service Work?

Do you really need to subscribe to a tender notification service? The answer is: yes!

By setting tender alert service, you will receive tender information related to your business with some details on your email id on a daily basis. You can keep close monitoring as to what sort of tender information is received at your end.

Kenyan Tenders

Tendasili tender alert service provides you with access to more tender opportunities and notices than anyone else in Kenya, providing you with all you need to find, bid for, and win public and private sector business. The tender alert service sends notifications of relevant procurement opportunities to suppliers subscribed to the services.

We offer an alert system called Tender Alerts, which means you can choose the types of tenders you are interested in and have them sent to you when they are published.

As there are so many different categories of tenders, it can be a challenge to make sure you have the correct categories selected so that you do not miss a single tender. Our support staff understands this and checks every new subscription to make sure the right categories and sub-categories are selected in these tender alerts.

Why Choose Tender SMS Notifications?

The best tender sites in Kenya will give you access to all tenders, which you can easily filter by a category, location, and more. At Tendasili, we are the most trusted source for tendering opportunities and Business Intelligence.

How Does Tender Notification Service Work?

At it very best, a tender notification service does three things:

  1. Source – Collating tenders, RFPs, RFQs, EOIs, etc. from thousands of different sources
  2. Sort – Categorise all these tenders by industry, location, and keywords
  3. Send – matching tenders to user search profiles and email relevant opportunities

However, there’s a lot more to it. While it may be clear how a tender notification service can save you time and effort when compared to finding tenders yourself, it is hard to fully grasp how much value you can get until you know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Understanding how a tender notification service works will ensure you know what you are paying for before you subscribe and allow you to identify differences in how providers function at each step and what impact this might have on you as a subscriber.

Tender Yetu Kenya

How Tendasili, one of the top tender sites in Kenya works?

Step 1: Register with us by creating an account

Step 2: Subscribe to preferred categories and locations

Step 3: Start receiving tender alerts via SMS on the go

Got questions or want to know more about our tender notification service? Check out the best tender sites in Kenya for answers to all your queries.

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