4 Tips for Hassle-free Plant Equipment & Farm Machinery Transport

4 Tips for Hassle-free Plant Equipment & Farm Machinery Transport

Transporting heavy plant equipment and farm machinery in Perth is a challenging task. These machineries must be loaded and transported correctly; otherwise, they could pose a higher risk to others.  Severe accidents during loading or unloading the machineries are possible. Not to mention the potential damage that can be  caused to your expensive plant equipment and farm machinery leading to a hefty financial loss.

Moving heavy equipment plays a significant role in the Australian economy. Most industries choose reliable heavy machinery transport companies in Perth for the safe and hassle-free movement of their machineries and equipment anywhere throughout Australia.


Whether you’re looking to transport containers, portable buildings, plant machinery and equipment or farm machinery, you have to ensure that it’s loaded and appropriately secured to avoid risks and get your gear wherever it needs to go. Read on a few tips to prepare your equipment for transport in Perth.

  1. Preparation is a crucial factor.

You need to thoroughly check the service or the owner’s manual to prepare the equipment, keep the moving parts secure, and connect the components. The manual contains measurements and weights to help ensure your transport vehicle has the suitable hauling capacity to handle your move.

In addition, you will learn what to cover before transportation, like disconnecting batteries and locking wheels to prevent sliding or switching off the alarm systems. It’s better to choose an open and transparent space for loading your equipment and check whether the trailer and the ramp have any debris like leaves, rocks, rags, etc., present. You must clean the oil and lubricant from the ramp to avoid a slick surface.

  1. Inspect thoroughly.

You need to inspect the trailer’s capacity to be used for your plant equipment and farm machinery transport. It’s suggested to ensure that every part of the vehicle you’ll be using does its job perfectly and will continue to do so throughout the movement. If you want to inspect the trailer, please check the following things:

  • Tyres and their pressure level
  • Front and backlights
  • Brakes
  • Tie-down points for connecting chains
  • Weight capacity
  1. Find the right machinery transport companies in Perth.

Choose one of the most trustworthy heavy machinery transport companies in Perth. You’ll require a skilful and knowledgeable team experienced enough in handling large loads. They must follow the industry standard safety regulations. The professionals should specialise in the transportation of plant equipment and farm machinery efficiently and smoothly anywhere around Australia.

  1. Load and secure your equipment correctly.

The plant equipment and farm machinery company you are hiring should have years of experience in providing professional services in Perth and Western Australia. Their team will help you ensure that your equipment is appropriately secure according to the safety regulations. Rest assured that your plant equipment and farm machineries are in safe hands and will reach your preferred destination safely.

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Conclusion –

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