How Do You Select The Right Toilet Seat? (Vitra Toilet Seat)

Choosing a new toilet seat might be a little complex and perplexing because many toilet seats are for sale. However, a well-designed toilet seat can improve the whole appearance of your bathroom, which is why it shouldn’t be treated any differently from other pieces of décor. When selecting a new toilet seat, keep the following factors in mind:


The shape and size.

Most toilets have different sizes and shapes. To find the right toilet seat, you must work out the form and size of your toilet bowl. Typically, toilet seats are available in round or oval or elongated shapes. It comes with square shapes as well. Your decision should depend on the shape & size of your toilet bowl. It is always wise to match the Vitra toilet seat with your toilet size. You should take into account the following measurements to find the perfect size.

  • The distance in the middle of your toilet space between its two mounting holes.
  • The pan’s width at its broadest point is its width.
  • The space between your toilet pan and the wall or cistern.


What is the type of material & finish?

There is a massive availability of toilets available, and you should make the selection based on the type of materials and finishes. While shopping, you can select from various unique materials for your custom-designed, upscale bathrooms. Your choice ought to give your entire room a much lighter and more adaptable feel. However, choosing a Vitra toilet seat will give you an extra boost in terms of hygiene. The superior materials used to create the Vitra toilet seat provide the highest security and total peace of mind. You should remember to choose something that will leave a lasting impression.


The type of hinges.

Your toilet hinges ought to work with your mounting points. You should be aware that not all toilet seat hinges are compatible with all toilets as there are two different types of alterations. First, two bolts are inserted into a toilet pan to operate a top-fixing hinge. A bottom fastening with two bolts slot into your pan is a good option if you want a more classic fixing method. Then, from below, they are tightened. When there is no access to the pan bottom, as in some back-to-wall toilets or contemporary one-piece toilet designs, top-fixing toilet seat hinges are employed.

Additionally, you can select fast-release hinges that enable you to remove the pan’s seat and lid. The soft close hinges of the Vitra toilet seat make cleaning a lot easier, and soft close hinges feature a hygienic and slow release system that reduces annoying noises. However, soft close Vitra toilet seats offer an additional touch of luxury that you will surely love.



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