How Do You Renovate Your Home to Increase Its Resale Value?

How Do You Renovate Your Home to Increase Its Resale Value?

Are you looking to increase the resale value of your home in Calgary? If yes, then you should consider a full house renovation project in Calgary. When it comes to remodeling your home, you’ll need to consider a lot of things. Whether you want to revamp your space to make it more functional or simply more beautiful, please check out below discussed tips.

Consider the basic things.

It’s highly suggested to consider the basics first while making necessary upgrades. These are the things most potential buyers will expect from your home. Most buyers want to ensure that the roof doesn’t have leaks, missing shingles or gutters.

Obviously, potential buyers want warmth and coolness at appropriate times throughout the year. Hence, you have to make sure that your home has sufficient heating and cooling systems. While doing renovation, you can redo your hardwood floors and expect maximum return during resale.

Improve your exterior look.

What your house looks like outside is a preview of both visitors and buyers can expect during an open house. You can improve overall resale value of your home when you spruce up the curb appeal of your house.

Start with painting your home exterior in neutral tones and add a steel door. Apart from adding a fresh coat of paint, you can improve your home exterior with a stone veneer. It looks good and can increase costs at resale.

However, you can install low-maintenance, energy efficient steel doors. They work really well during winter months. If you want wooden doors, you can paint them with bold colors like powder blue, buttery yellow or forest green. They will draw the attention of prospective buyers for sure. Most full home renovation companies in Calgary believe that improving your house curb appeal can enhance your home value right now and during resale.

Focus on bathroom.

To add significant value to your living space, you can update the bathroom and make it more functional. You can consider installing low-flow toilet fixtures, a walk-in shower or a free standing tub. You can keep toilet safety rails, a shower bench and non-slip mats in your bathroom to appeal aged buyers who prefer aging in place.

Liven up the kitchen space.

Kitchen is the mainstay of every home renovation project. It’s place where homeowners spend more time to prepare meals and host get-togethers. When renovating your kitchen space, most full home renovation companies in Calgary suggest on remodeling minor fixtures like cabinet fronts by adding cabinet boxes or installing cabinet lighting. Even, you can switch cabinet knobs and handles to upgrade their look.

Final Consideration –

Budget Home Renovation is one of the best home renovation companies in Calgary dedicated to providing top quality solutions to improve your home’s resale value. Our expert full house remodelers know how to add functional and visually appealing fixtures in kitchens and baths by getting updated with latest innovations and technology. For more information, please contact us today at 587 436 2333.

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