How do you know your garage door roller is in terrible condition and it needs a replacement

How do you know your garage door roller is in terrible condition and it needs a replacement

One most important component in your garage door system is the garage door rollers. It connects the door to the tracks and makes it function (open and close) smoothly. These rollers have exceptional rod and wheels designs that tend to experience wear and tear over time. The worn or damaged rollers can bring strain to the garage door opener and lessen its lifecycle. But how do you know when the roller needs a replacement? Taking the assistance of an expert garage door repair is the best way to determine the precise time for roller replacement.

The question that may come to the homeowner’s mind is how long a garage door roller lasts! Most garage door rollers are determined by their movement cycles. Opening and closing of the garage door represent a cycle. If you assume a garage door is opened 3-5 times a day, then on average, it will run around 1500 times per year. Quality garage door rollers are rated for 10,000 cycles; therefore, they will last from 6-7 years. After the end of its standard lifespan, it will need a replacement. You can call an expert garage door repair to check the function of the rollers and other components.

So, what is the significance of replacing the garage door rollers? Worn or loosened rollers can slow down the garage door function. It becomes bumpy and eventually gets jammed and sometimes prevents the garage door from getting closed completely. A wedged or trapped garage door roller can prevent you from getting in and out comfortably. Also, it will make your home unsafe from thieves, pests, and adverse weather or rainwater! Apart from that, it will bring extra tension or strain to the garage door opener. Hence it is wise to replace it with the assistance of a professional garage door repair in Ellicott City, MD.

What are the signs that reflect that your garage door rollers need replacement? A few common symbols depict that your garage door roller needs a replacement, and some of them are as follows:

  • cracking and chipping or any visible damages.
  • Damage or any issue to the roller rod and wheel.
  • Default seal on rollers that have the ball bearings.
  • Make unusual squeaking and grinding sound
  • The garage door is functioning slowly.
  • Extra vibration during the garage door operation

The above signs usually mean it is time for garage door roller replacement. A noisy garage door roller can be fixed by simple lubrication. But it is essential to check whether the rail is in good condition, which must be addressed by an expert garage door repair professional in Ellicott City, MD.

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