Finding The Toilet Seat Fittings Is Not A Mystery & Fixing It Is Not A Rocket Science

Are you planning to get your toilets replaced soon? It may sound like a simple job for an expert but could be a little difficult if you are doing it for the first time. You might get confused about a few things, and toilet seat fittings could be one of them. You probably have questions in mind about how many types of toilet seat fittings are there and which one will fit fine with your existing toilet! Of course, you cannot ignore how you include them on your toilet!


Suppose you have such questions in mind when you come to the right place at My Toilet Spares. They stock a wide range of toilet seat fittings at their online store and help you explore everything you want to know about fixing the toilet seats. When the time comes to select the precise toilet seat fitting, they come forward to assist you. So that there will be no issue at the time of installation.


The toilet in your bathroom works like a door. You can raise the toilet seat to open it and put it down to close it. It functions well due to the use of appropriate toilet seat fittings. In addition, it has hinges on its back that keep it bolted up & down. These are indispensable elements in a toilet, and everyone needs to think of the matter carefully before buying a toilet seat. Wrong toilet seat fitting won’t get fastened onto the bathroom. Therefore, it should be purchased with due care. However, you can rely on an online shop while buying the toilet seat fitting for your new or existing toilet.


It is not easy to go wrong while selecting a toilet seat fitting. There are two types of seat fitting: Top Fixings & Bottom Fixings. Top-fixing toilet seats work by fitting two bolts into the pan, then tightening it from the top. Bottom toilet seat fixings are nothing but fitted the seat from the top and then pulled to fit with wing nuts below the toilet. Most modern toilets now come with top fixing seat installation as they are easy to handle and can be removed easily for cleaning. The sort of toilet seat you wish to install or the fasteners you’re replacing on your current seat will determine the toilet seat fixings you’ll require. So, make sure to check the things before purchase.


Fixing the toilet seat fittings is not rocket science. But it can be a little bit tricky if you are not sure of what you are doing. If you have the bottom fitting toilet seat, start to locate the fixing on the back of the toilet seat. Use a plier or a wrench to loosen the winged nut that holds the bolt. Then lift the seat to remove it from the toilet. To install the seat, simply put the new bolt into either side of the toilet. But before that, make space clean & check the position of the toilet seat. The same procedure should be applied to the top toilet seat fitting. But in this case, you need to remove the seat and open the fixing cap using a screwdriver. Then unscrew the bolt to remove the toilet seat, and you are ready to install the new toilet seat. Check the alignment properly before fixing the nuts.

Getting the suitable toilet seat fitting is no longer a mystery at My Toilet Spare! They help you with replacing your old toilet seat with a new one! Call them today to know more about your requirements.

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