Find Out The Process, How You Can Save Money By Fitting Your Toilet

Are you looking to save money on installing cistern fitting in your bathroom? Feel confident and competent when DIY cistern fitting installation or replacements. You could, potentially, install a toilet yourself. Read the instructions carefully before installing to become familiar with the required equipment, materials, and installation processes.


Before installation, inspect the toilet pieces to ensure they have not been damaged in shipment. If there is evident damage or a noticeable problem, do not proceed with the installation and immediately notify your provider.

Determine the toilet installation type:

  1. A) Top Rear Entry with Side Inlet Valve
  2. B) Side Entry with Bottom Inlet Valve.

Cistern installation – Bottom inlet entry

  • The bottom inlet valve is included with the cistern for Side Entry toilets. Check & shut off the valve position
  • Remove the 250 mm hose and the Side Inlet valve.
  • Connect the cistern’s Bottom Inlet valve.
  • Place the washers over the screws and into the mounting holes of the cistern.
  • Place the cistern on the pan by centering the gasket on the inlet.
  • To make sure the cistern is level, tighten the screws.
  • Attach the supply hose to the cistern inlet and pass it through the pan’s corresponding side hole.
  • To check for leaks, connect the supply hose to the shut-off valve.
  • Disconnect the hose and turn off the water supply.
  • In the unused hole, place a capping plug.


Cistern installation – Top rear entry

  • Install the bung into the cistern’s bottom intake securely.
  • Place the washers over the screws and into the cistern’s mounting holes.
  • By centring the gasket on the pan inlet, place the cistern on the pan.
  • Tighten the screws to ensure the cistern is level.
  • Unite the supply hose to the cistern inlet and shut off water supply valve
  • Capping plugs should be inserted into the pan’s side entry holes.
  • To test the system, connect the supply hose to the shut-off valve.

Push-button installation

  • Disconnect the hose and turn off the water supply.
  • Fit the lid and test the buttons. Adjust the rods if it is necessary.


Flush valve removal & installation

  • Turn the flush valve anti-clockwise and lift it straight up on the canister to release it.
  • Push straight down into the canister and turn clockwise to assemble the flush valve.

Finalizing the installation 

  • Install the seat according to the directions that came with it. The seat’s front edge should match the form of the pan’s front edge.
  • Ensure a silicon rubber washer is fitted between the seat connector and pan to ensure the seat is rigid.
  • Make the final connection of the water supply hose to the shut-off valve. Test the system for leaks
  • Apply appropriate` sealant between the pan and adjacent surfaces
  • Make sure that the connections are fastened securely.
  • Check the leaks.
  • Make that the float can move freely and that the valve closes when the float is lifted.
  • If this is the case, do the inlet valve maintenance procedure.
  • Check to ensure that the actual water level aligns with the specified mark.
  • Hold down the inflow valve and float until the cistern overflows.
  • Make that the overflow pipe can drain all incoming water without causing the cistern to overflow.
  • If not, double-check that the flow restrictor is installed correctly.
  • Make that the exit valve flushes appropriately.
  • Make sure all moving mechanisms operate freely.
  • When the outlet valve is closed, ensure no water flows into the toilet pan.
  • If there is, make sure the exit valve is sealed correctly by following the outlet valve maintenance method.
  • If overflowing persists, contact technical help at My Toilet Spares.


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