Caboolture’s Best Quality Hoses & Fittings Supplies

Industrial fittings are used in a wide range of sectors and are often unnoticed but necessary. Because of its purpose and relevance in the final assembly, selecting the appropriate suppliers is a critical and strategic stage. Given the multiple possibilities available, this is a relatively challenging decision. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for high-quality hose and fittings supplies in Caboolture, All Hose & Valves is the place to go.

hose supplies in Caboolture

We provide you with the best quality hoses and fittings supplies in Caboolture.


Lay Flat Hoses
PVC Layflat hoses are highly flexible and kink-resistant, compacting easily when not in use. To put it another way, a Layflat hose is easy to store and transport and user-friendly. Moreover, despite their lightweight nature, lay flat hoses have excellent resistance to damage and are quite robust.

PVC Hoses
PVC hoses are lighter and less expensive than rubber hoses. It also contains less petroleum than other polymer polymers. As a result, in various industrial and consumer uses, PVC hoses have equalled the vast benefits of rubber hoses.

Rubber Hoses
Rubber hoses are designed to endure high pressure. As a result, they are widely utilised in tunnels, irrigation dams, road construction, crusher zones, and rock drilling mines. In addition, they are more commonly used in various businesses to keep our cars, homes, restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, and other establishments running smoothly.

Fire Hoses
A fire hose is a high-pressure hose typically used to extinguish fires. Fire hoses have a pressure range of 800 to 2000 kPa and can be linked to a fire engine or hydrant.

SAE Brass Flare Fittings
Flare fittings are compression fittings that are widely used with mild steel, ductile copper, and aluminium tubing. In addition, brass is a frequent material for SAE fittings. The 37° AN flare fittings, 37° JIC flare fittings, and 45° SAE flare fittings are today’s most commonly used flare fitting standards.

Black Steel Fittings
When black pipes must withstand high pressure, black steel fittings are used. Because of the strength of the steel, these fittings have a higher yield – the ability to withstand higher pressure levels than standard fittings.

Buttweld Fittings
Buttweld fittings are available in various shapes, material grades, and diameters in Australia. At All Hose & Valves, we provide three varieties of buttweld fittings, each with qualities and standards: Extra Strong, SGP, and Standard Weight.

Flanges connect valves, pipes, pumps, and other pipework components to form a pipework system. Flanges are frequently threaded or welded, and two flanges are bolted together with gaskets to form a seal that permits easy access to the pipe system. Flanges come in various shapes and sizes, including weld neck flanges, slip-on flanges, blind flanges, and socket weld flanges.

Are you unsure about which hose and fitting to utilise for your project? Our friendly staff will gladly serve you. Discover more fitting and hose supplies in Caboolture by calling us or visiting our location to discuss your hose necessities.

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