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Hydraulic Hoses: Types and Application

Hydraulic Hoses: Types and Application

There are numerous standards for hydraulic hose production and use. Standards oversee industry connection parameters and hose material and regulate installation activities. A hydraulic hose is a tube that transports hydraulic fluid to or from hydraulic components such as valves, actuators, and tools. Hydraulic hose 

Caboolture’s Best Quality Hoses & Fittings Supplies

Caboolture’s Best Quality Hoses & Fittings Supplies

Industrial fittings are used in a wide range of sectors and are often unnoticed but necessary. Because of its purpose and relevance in the final assembly, selecting the appropriate suppliers is a critical and strategic stage. Given the multiple possibilities available, this is a relatively 

The Best Quality Rubber Hose Supplies That You Need

The Best Quality Rubber Hose Supplies That You Need

Industrial and domestic settings use rubber hoses. Its primary purpose is transporting air or other gases in water or liquid environments from one location to another. It is specially designed to handle high pressure and maintain flexibility while resisting kinks and abrasions.

Rubber Hose.png

Here are some of the many hoses that are available in the market:

Rubber Marine Wet Exhaust Hose
This rubber hose is primarily for wet exhaust applications, such as engine intake, scupper lines, and damp exhaust connections. The wet exhaust hose is sturdy and flexible, making installation as easy as possible.

Rubber Water Suction & Delivery Hose
It is suitable for mining, factories, agricultural, and civil engineering projects for irrigation, water conveyance, and many others. It is abrasion, weathering, and ozone attack resistant.

Rubber Petrol/Oil Suction & Delivery Hose
Suction and delivery hose for fuel, oil, and petroleum with a steel wire helix for reinforcement and conductivity. Most industry petrol, gasoline, oil suction, and transfer conditions are covered.

Rubber Suction & Delivery Bulk Material Handling Hose
This natural rubber is abrasion-resistant and conductive. High-tensile synthetic cloth, steel helix, and anti-static copper wire are part of the reinforcement. Suitable for suctioning and discharging dry bulk materials, sand, gravel, and cement.

Rubber Chemical Suction & Delivery Hose
Hardwall hoses handle various chemical products, sewage systems, and filtration facilities. It is with a high-strength synthetic cord with helix wire.

Black Rubber Fuel Hose SAE30R7
A fuel hose is usually good for a fuel line, PCV connector, emission control line, or fuel return line. You can use a black rubber fuel hose with unleaded gasoline, diesel fuel, ethanol-blend gasoline, and sour gas.

Black Rubber General Purpose G.P Air/Water Hose 200psi
Ideal for air, water, agricultural spray solutions, and other diluted chemicals. Excellent heat, abrasion, and weathering resistance. High tensile synthetic yarn is part of the reinforcement.

Rubber Red Multi-Purpose Hose 300psi
A high-quality multi-purpose hose for industrial air service, compressor lines, pneumatic tools, low-pressure spray, and various other applications requiring oil resistance. Non-conductive, with a minimum electrical resistance of one megohm per inch of hose length at 1000 V DC.

Black Rubber Radiator Hose
Because of its high heat resistance, this rubber hose is suitable for a wide range of hot water applications, including vehicle heating and cooling systems. In addition, this rubber hose is resistant to many mild chemicals, glycol-based antifreeze solutions, and the majority of corrosion inhibitors, as well as heat, abrasion, and ozone.

Black Rubber Elbows
This adaptable hose is for a variety of heavy-duty applications. It is simple to cut to size and install.

Yellow Rubber Contractors Air Hose 500psi
It is used in various factories, construction, agricultural, quarry, mining, railroad, oil and gas, and shipbuilding applications to transport compressed air to pneumatic tools and equipment.

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STAMPED: Your Essential Guide to Selecting the Right Industrial Hoses and Hose Supplies

STAMPED: Your Essential Guide to Selecting the Right Industrial Hoses and Hose Supplies

Selecting the right industrial hoses and hose supplies can be a daunting experience. It’s easy to get lost,especially with all of the different types of hoses there are, and even more so because of their importance. After all, engineers and operators need to make sure 

6 Most Common Types of Industrial Hoses to Utilise

6 Most Common Types of Industrial Hoses to Utilise

The term Industrial Hose encompasses everything that isn’t metal. It falls under a broad category of hoses and ducts available in a wide range of options, sizes, materials and applications. They are typically for lightweight material handling and fumes, with various types available to suit 

4 Things to Remember When Purchasing Industrial Hose Supplies

4 Things to Remember When Purchasing Industrial Hose Supplies

In the Industrial Hose Industry, it is important to keep in mind that there are many things you need to consider when buying supplies. If you fail to look at these factors, then you might end up purchasing wrong products.

Industrial Hose Supplies

Here are the four things of which you need to remember when purchasing them:

1. Consider the safety standards.
Safety is a crucial factor for any product, especially in the Industrial Hose industry. After all, it is an environment where your employees are exposed to different levels of risk. More so because of the materials that flow through the tubes they handle.

With that being said, it is one of your duties and responsibilities to help ensure their safety by choosing industrial hoseproducts that are made in line with the safety and guidelines of SAE. Aside from that of course, it is also imperative that you prepare precautionary measures on your end when working with these hydraulic hoses.

2. Remember to use: STAMPED.
When purchasing or replacing hydraulic hose supplies, you don’t just choose random parts, but it is essential to consider a lot of factors. To help you do this, you can use STAMPED as a guide in helping you select the proper industrial hose for your projects.

This acronym stands for these seven factors:

• Size

• Temperature

• Application

• Material

• Pressure

• End-Hose

• Delivery

Know more about this by reading our previous post on choosing the most suitable hydraulic hoses, STAMPED: Your Essential Guide to Selecting the Right Industrial Hoses and Hose Supplies.

3. Research about the common types of Industrial Hoses.
It always helps to know more – this stands as a fact in any aspect in life, and even more so in the Industrial Hose Industry where there can be a lot at stake. Hence, you need to be knowledgeable with at least the most common types of Industrial Hoses so that you can assess which ones to use best for your specific use and the environment you are in.

If you’re in an industry where you have to transport high-temperature, for example, then knowing and researching the different types of hoses can help you identify that the best one to use is the Hot Water Hose.

4. Find a reliable supplier or manufacturer.
The last and one of the most important thing to remember in purchasing your Industrial Hose Supply then is in being able to find a reliable supplier and manufacturer. Look for a place that you can trust that doesn’t just give you high-quality products but also advices you in which parts or sizes to use best for what you have on hand and the projects you are currently undertaking.

All Hose & Valves, for example, offers this very premise, especially if you’re located in the areas of Brendale, Caboolture, and the Gold Coast. It prides itself in being Queenland’s Best Industrial Hose Supply and in buying the parts for your hose assemblies; where else would you want to purchase them other than the best?

Feel free to browse their selection of products and services now by visiting https://www.allhose.com.au/browse/hoses/.

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Why Choose Industrial Hoses Over Standard Ones

Why Choose Industrial Hoses Over Standard Ones

If you’re looking for hoses, you should go for those made for industrial use. Rubber is used for the outer layer of industrial hoses because it is exceedingly durable. And because these types of hoses are specially designed for industrial use, you can be confident 

Key Considerations When Choosing the Right Industrial Fitting Supplies

Key Considerations When Choosing the Right Industrial Fitting Supplies

Industrial fittings are vital components for machine manufacturers and their end-users. They are used in various industries and are frequently overlooked yet remain essential. Choosing the best product is a crucial and strategic stage because of its function and impact on the intended usage. Given 

A Short Guide in Choosing The Right Hydraulic Hose Fitting

A Short Guide in Choosing The Right Hydraulic Hose Fitting

One of the most popular hose and fittings is hydraulic hose fittings. Hydraulic hose fittings join hoses, pipes, and tubes in a hydraulic system to securely carry the medium. A hose fitting could be modest in size, but if misused, it can significantly reduce the efficiency of the entire hydraulic system and jeopardise safety requirements. Therefore, it’s critical to choose the correct hydraulic hose fitting.

Hydraulic hose fittings, such as tees, plugs, elbows, and unions, are built of diverse materials and available in various forms and sizes. As a result, these fittings provide a wide range of performance characteristics because of their varied materials and configurations.

If you’re unsure which shape, material, threading or sealing option to go with, you can use the guidelines below to choose the suitable hydraulic hose fitting for your system.

hose and fittings

Check the application requirements
The hydraulic system’s operating environment is an essential factor to consider. Choose hoses and tube fittings that comply with your application’s regulatory and functional requirements. As a starting point, consider the following questions:

1. Will the hoses and tube fittings come into contact with any abrasive or scratching surfaces? If that’s the case, you’ll need abrasion-resistant hoses and tube fittings.

2. Will corrosive substances be present in the hoses and tube fittings? If so, buy tube fittings made of stainless steel or brass.

3. Is there enough room in the application? If this is the case, use hoses with a larger bend radius.

4. Is the assembly subjected to mechanical loads? If so, harder materials, such as stainless steel should be used.

Review the size and ambient temperature
The size and density of the tube’s walls are critical in achieving adequate flow velocity. A slow flow promotes poor system performance, whereas a high flow leads to severe pressure drops, significant damage, and leakage. The hose’s temperature range should also be equal to or greater than the highest media and ambient temperatures observed in your application. The material coating determines hose fittings’ operational temperature range and seals used. To maintain leak-free activities, you can utilise O-ring seals.

Check the medium
The fluid transported or in direct touch with the hose and tube fitting is also a significant consideration. The material being transported must be compliant with the hose and tube fitting. This is why you should check the inner tube, cover, and hose fittings to make sure they’re suitable for the medium, along with the O-Rings and seals. After you’ve determined your hydraulic hose specs and selected your hose fittings, the hose assembly professional will crimp the hydraulic hose, which is the most common form of installation. It’s crucial to remember that you should avoid using a fitting from one manufacturer to another. Due to the incompatibility of both products, this might result in a crimp failure or breakage.

Hose and Fittings in Australia
Other than hydraulic hoses, if you’re looking for top-quality industrial fittings and hoses in Australia, you can count on All Hose & Valves to provide you with the products you need to carry out your industrial operations and satisfy your needs.

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