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Seat fittings ensure smooth moving of the lid both in the upward and backward directions. The hinges are an important part of a toilet seat. So, if you want to install new hinges or replace your old hinges then you are at the right place. We have a broad range of hinges to offer. Every product is of commendable quality.


Importance of having the right hinges –

  • When movements of seats or lids are incorrect, using toilets becomes uncomfortable and for that, you need to have quality toilet fittings or hinges. So, use the right toilet seat hinges to keep your toilet seat tight.
  • When the right hinges have been used the appearance of the toilet becomes better.
  • Closing seats gets easy.
  • Cleaning seats is easy when toilet seats are tight and easy to move.villeroy_boch_seat_hinges

So, get the right toilet seat hinges for your needs. We assure you the best of the best hinges or fittings.

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Seat fittings from My Toilet Spares: We have the best brands of products. Take a look at some.

  • Pressalit Seat Hinges – The Pressalit collection includes AI0001500R Hinge Carena Toilet Seat Model 30AI0001500R, Buffers for Roca DAMA-N, Debba AI0000200R Seats, Fixing Kit For Roca Lady Retro Toilet Seat, Bumper/Buffers For Roca Toilet Seat Hard Roca A821170701, others.
  • Ideal Standard Armitage Shanks Seat Hinges – A9032 Accent Toilet Seat Buffers 92209000 Grey, Armitage Shanks Astra Seat Hinges Pack S972401 White, etc.
  • Twyford Seat Hinges- It includes Celmac Plastic Toilet Seat Hinges, Plastic Hinges For Twyford Toilet Seat, Plastic Toilet Seat Hinge, Plastic Toilet Seat Hinge Pack Woth Discoloured Washers, etc.
  • Keramag Hinges – Hinge Urinal Keramag Joly 598080,Hinge For Keramag Renova 598161,others.
  • Jacob Delafon Hinges – Hinges For Jacob Delafon Presquile/ Antares Seat And Cover E5548,
  • Kohler 1021449 Toggles & Hinge Bolt KOH1021449, etc.

Choose the right product that best suits your needs.

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