7 Useful Tips From Experts In Garage Door Repair Annapolis

7 Useful Tips From Experts In Garage Door Repair Annapolis

Do you know what about the most common garage door repair issues in Annapolis? Read on to find out what the experts in garage door repair Annapolis have to say about it!

Garage doors assure security, offer convenient entrance and exit from the property, ensures privacy, and provides protection for your vehicle. If your garage door is having an issue, then you need to call a professional garage door repair company in Annapolis to troubleshoot the problem.

Here are useful tips from experts in garage door repair in Annapolis.

  1. Garage door opener not working

It is one of the most frustrating issues that can be easily fixed. If it is a chain- or drive-screw-operated garage door opener that is not working, then lubricate it to reduce friction. You need to apply a generous amount of garage door spray lube or silicone-based lubricant to the garage opener’s full-length. Make sure to wipe off the excess.

  1. Do you hear an annoying, grinding noise?

Shabby parts, loose hardware, or squeaky sections are the main causes for the annoying noise from garage doors while opening and closing them. If you hear noise coming from your garage door means it needs lubrication. Lubricate the squeaky sections and get rid of the unusual noises coming from the garage door.

  1. Broken weather sealant

The garage door’s weather sealant keeps water out, seals air leaks, and reduces the noise from outside. If your garage door weather sealant is broken or cracked, you may need to replace it. Remove the old broken weather sealant and install a new one to get the best results.

  1. Garage door not closing and opening properly

If your garage door opens a bit and closes immediately, it happens due to broken garage door springs. Replace the garage door springs to get the issue fixed. To save on costs, replace all garage door springs at the same time instead of replacing only the broken springs.

If the garage door closes, then immediately opens. Then it can be an issue with the alignment of your garage door’s photo-eye. These are small plastic devices that serve as a safety feature. The garage door’s photo-eye devices are located on both sides of the door.

  1. Garage door doesn’t seal properly

Is your garage door not sealing to the bottom? Then the best solution is to use pipe insulation. Secure the pipe insulation into the part of the garage door that doesn’t properly seal.

  1. Garage door operator or opener is unresponsive

Whether you are using a remote, wall controller, or key less entry, an unresponsive operator could mean there is an issue with the photo-eyes. If there are no signs of light on the photo-eyes, then go to the breaker panel and locate the breaker to turn it on and off. If you find it does not work, then check whether the garage door opener is plugged in properly and the proper power supply available.

  1. Rust formation

Rust tarnishes the look of your garage door and compromises your door’s ability to lock out dirt and other external elements. To remove rust, you need to clean the affected area with dish washing soap, then rub the rust with a cloth soaked in vinegar. Sand the rusted parts of your garage door and apply a fresh coat of primer and paint. If you want to avoid rust issues, rely on the professionals to get the annual garage door maintenance service in Annapolis during spring or fall.

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