6 Most Common Types of Industrial Hoses to Utilise

6 Most Common Types of Industrial Hoses to Utilise

The term Industrial Hose encompasses everything that isn’t metal. It falls under a broad category of hoses and ducts available in a wide range of options, sizes, materials and applications. They are typically for lightweight material handling and fumes, with various types available to suit different work environments.

As such, there are different types and kind of hoses then that you can get from your Industrial Hose Suppliers depending on your specific needs, but among them we have identified six that are commonly used in the industry and how you can use them.

Industrial Hoses

Water Hose
This type of hose is probably the easiest to understand. It’s mostly like the ones you have at home, but on a larger, more robust scale to suit the industrial level. Water hoses are used mainly for irrigation, fire-fighting and cleaning large pieces of machinery.

It is generally made from either one of three materials: EPDM or SBR for suction and PVCfor discharge. Water Hoses are made to be resistant to rust, weather, hard-wearing, and strong since they have to withstand high water pressure levels in different environments.

When choosing an industrial water hose, it’s crucial to explain your requirements clearly to a professional so that they can advise you on the best product for the job.

Hot Water Hose
Although similar to the one above, this type of Industrial Hose is used entirely for different purposes. Hot Water Hose (despite its name) are primarily used to safely convey dangerously hot and cold liquid during an industrial process.

It is made to withstand extreme temperatures and is usually constructed using the EPDM rubber to ensure durability.

Hot-water hoses can be used in several jobs, including those that require atypical temperatures, like in cleaning winter sports areas that need to be clean with frigid water.

Air Hose
Air hoses are used in many different sectors, including construction and agriculture and mining and marine industries. They have many uses, such as powering certain pieces of equipment and maintaining air pressure at a set level.

Like other types of hoses on this list, air hoses must be able to stand high pressures to prevent leakage. They are often greased with oil-based lubricants to avoid wear and tear on the machine. Because of this, rubber is often used in the manufacture of air hoses because it is a high-strength, flexible material that is easy to lube.

Oil Hoses
Based on what you can expect, Oil Hoses are commonly used in the oil and gas industries to transport oil, petrol, and other fuels. Because of the risk that these materials expose, it is imperative to ensure that oil hoses are sealed gas-tight and are made to be resistant to flames for a maximum safety level.

They are mostly made from the following rubber: NBR, PVC, and SBR to ensure that the sticky oil flows smoothly through the tubes.

Chemical Hoses
Chemical Hoses are the type of Industrial Hose used to carry and transport dangerous and reactive chemicals. It is constructed from corrosion-resistant materials to withstand the kind of high-risk content that flows through its tube.

These hoses are commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industry to contain paint, solvents, varnishes, etc.

Hydraulic Hoses
Last but not least on this list are the hydraulic hoses essential in hydraulic machinery. They stand as the vein and arteries of the machine’s body that, like our own human frame, transport and push back the fluids needed to keep it running.

It is made from several varieties of materials that are flexible and resistant to high-intensity pressures. Like its material, the hose has a wide selection of options, such as reinforced hoses, coiled hoses, consulted hoses, and corrugated hoses. And so, it is best to research which type you need specifically for your use.

These are but six of the common types of industrial hoses that you can utilise, and if you’re looking for a place that can supply with high-quality hose materials with great value, All Hose & Valves might just be the place for you.

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