Why Your Bathroom Deserves Marble Vanity Tops

Why Your Bathroom Deserves Marble Vanity Tops

Your bathroom is perhaps the room in your house where you get ready every day. Adding a vanity to your bathroom is an excellent way to offer your bathroom a brand new look. Without any major re-dos, you can increase your home’s value significantly. Bathroom vanity tops made of marble are durable & easy to clean. These natural stones are excellent options for any room in your house, including the bathroom.

A new bathroom vanity with a marble countertop will not just form a more luxurious space for you to get ready every day, but can also add to the functionality of your bathroom & the value of your home. Selecting the classic look of marble vanity tops for your bathroom gives so many advantages, including:



Even though it seems very costly, marble actually cost less than other natural stone countertop materials. Though the price can vary relying upon the exact type & thickness selected, marble is usually less costly than quartz or granite.


As marble is a natural stone, it is more resilient to scratching and braking than numerous other available vanity top materials. Regardless of its durability, marble is softer in comparison to granite, so it is feasible to add nice-looking design elements, such as fancy edges, during the production process.


Artificial vanity top materials try to replicate the look of marble without much success. Since marble was fabricated from limestone rock or sedimentary dolomite via natural process, each piece is unique in terms of appearance. The broad array of colors and hue discovered in marble are determined by the area of origin, and proportionate blend of minerals in the original limestone. The stunning & unique veining this stone is known for comes from contaminations caught in the limestone when the extreme heat and pressure of earth transformed it into marble.



Marble has been in use as a building material for a pretty long time, so its capability to endure the most unfavourable time is well recorded. When it professionally installed and correctly sealed and maintained, you can anticipate to relish the splendour of marble for a lifetime.

Carefully crafted with you in mind, our Custom Marble Vanity Tops in Toronto deliver long-lasting beauty and functionality. At Mr. Marble, weprovidemore thanfifteen sink styles that can be gorgeously added to a vanity top with an integrated backsplash or a vanity top with a separate backsplash. Call us now if you have any marble vanity top design ideas in mind.

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