Why the long span shelving system is suitable for your retail & storage business

Why the long span shelving system is suitable for your retail & storage business

Safety, durability and quality are all crucial features necessary in the retail and storage industry. The store manager or the retailers deal with a large volume of stocks and equipment regularly. Therefore, they need some robust storage solutions to optimise the existing storage operations. Adding the long span shelving can be a way to bring some relief to the store management process. Long span shelving is a viable alternative if you do not have the floor space or budget for a pallet racking system! Mentioned here are some of their significant benefits that you can reap from a long span shelving system:

long span shelving system

Versatile storage system:

The warehouses or retail stores strive to adopt the latest versatile technologies. The essential purpose is to achieve better control over their stock and make the best use of their Flore space both horizontally & vertically. Store owners & and retailers in Melbourne also like to invest in commercial long span shelving systems to increase their store efficiency. It is also a smart storage option to store light to medium-sized items. It is a versatile storage system suitable for garage shelving, warehousing and retail shops, and more storage applications.

Lightweight & sturdy:

The high-quality tensile steel used in making the long span shelving makes it lightweight, sturdy & durable. You can move it quickly around the storage space or retail space without compromising strength and durability. The long span shelving in Melbourne can typically hold up to around 600kg or even more per shelf as well!

Flexible to adjust:

Long span shelving systems are flexible and easy to modify based on your storage need or available space. It is genuinely the essence of retail stores or storage space that is limited in size. Most of them are made with rivets and pins instead of bolts and nuts. It enables the users to modify and customise them based on the specific requirements. It can hold many products and merchandise of different sizes & weights and organise their items more efficiently.

Compatible with all equipment:

Most long span shelving in Melbourne can work with different types of storage systems, such as vertical reciprocating conveyors or freight lifts. Depending on your needs, you can also use a perforated steel panel base, gratings, or wooden walkways. Furthermore, it is simple to integrate into your existing pallet racking systems or other storage equipment for high or low rise applications or transportation.

Cost-effective and easy to maintain:

Maintenance of long span shelving in Melbourne is easy, and it is an economical option to organise the existing storage facility. In addition, the shelves do not break or wear out quickly, so you don’t have to worry about repair costs.

ReadyRack supplies a complete range of highly effective solutions for clients throughout Melbourne & Australia. Whether your business or warehouse is small or large, they have the expertise to deliver quality storage solutions at the best price. For more information about their long span shelving product, please call them at 1300 307 229 today!

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