Why It’s Important To Keep The Mattress Clean 

When it comes to neat bedding? It may be a clean bedspread, fresh pillowcases, a clean duvet and a dust-free bed frame! But, never forget the most crucial object – the mattress! Indeed, the mattress usually doesn’t fall within cleaning routines in most homes. On the other hand, it is imperative to emphasize that this essential component must also undergo regular cleaning. 

Neglecting to clean a mattress consistently can result in it becoming a breeding ground for lice, bed bugs, and various allergens. Additionally, it may provide a suitable environment for the growth of molds and the presence of dust mites. Consequently, this neglect poses a significant risk to both your health and the overall well-being of your cherished family members. It is why you should clean your mattress with professional mattress cleaning assistance.

The benefits of cleaning your mattress with professional assistance are quite enormous. In addition to its hygienic benefits, cleaning your mattress also contributes to its longevity. Here are several compelling reasons why maintaining a clean mattress is crucial:

mattress cleaning

Healthy and sound sleep

Sleeping on a clean mattress is essential for maintaining hygienic sleep. Ensure that your mattress undergoes a thorough cleaning. With this, you can eliminate any contamination and promote a healthier sleeping environment.

Allergy management

Mattresses are mainly made of foam and fabric. This makes them highly receptive to dust. Dust is renowned for its ability to provoke allergies, including asthma, rhinitis, and eczema.

Elimination of insects and dust mites

A significant number of debris can potentially accumulate within the mattress. To name a few are sweat, dead skin, urine, and other bodily fluids. These substances have the potential to attract various types of insects, including bed bugs, cockroaches, and lice.

Improved indoor air quality

Sitting on a soiled mattress can disperse dust particles into the surrounding air. It emits an unpleasant smell that can compromise the air quality within your bedroom. Consequently, this may result in various health problems including eye irritation, congestion in the upper respiratory system, fatigue, and frequent sneezing.

mattress cleaning

What professional mattress cleaning services do!

Expert cleaners understand that mattress cleaning can be a laborious task. It is why they are here to help you out. They offer residential and commercial mattress cleaning services. The mattress cleaning services in Fulham have the best equipment, skill and knowledge to clean your mattress. They offer steam cleaning and deep cleaning services.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning involves the effective elimination of stains, dirt, and sweat from the mattress. The role of the truck-mounted steamer is crucial in such a process. By utilizing a special nozzle or attachment, heat is applied to the mattress. It will effectively remove any harmful bacteria, mold, dust mites, and other insects. One of the key benefits of this particular mattress cleaning method is that it ensures quick drying of the mattress. The process of steam cleaning follows a series of steps to achieve optimal results.

The process of steam cleaning involves several steps: 

Upon our technician’s arrival, they will carefully examine the mattress to check for any significant stains and determine if steam cleaning is suitable for the specific type of mattress.  Next, the mattress will undergo a thorough vacuuming to eliminate any dust or other particles present.  Once the mattress has been meticulously vacuum cleaned, the steam cleaning process will commence to ensure optimal cleanliness.  Finally, a post-inspection will be conducted to ensure that the cleaning process has been successful.

However, it is important to be aware that steam has the potential to cause harm to the plastic components of a mattress. Therefore, it is advised against using steam on mattresses that have nylon or plastic coverings.

Deep cleaning

Steam is additionally utilized in the procedure of deep cleansing. Nevertheless, it is a more comprehensive method. Besides its ability to eradicate germs, bacteria, and other particles, it excels at eliminating obstinate stains. It will prolong the potential lifespan of the mattresses.

The deep cleaning process involves several steps:

The deep cleaning procedure comprises multiple stages: 

Deep examination. 

Thorough vacuuming of the mattress’s top, bottom, and sides. 

Utilization of cleaning agents to eliminate odours, dirt, stains, and harmful bacteria. 

Another round of vacuuming is conducted to eliminate any remaining chemicals and residue. 

The mattress is then carefully positioned to facilitate drying.

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