Why is it Necessary to Rekey your House

People rekey their home as they lose their keys or move into a new apartment or end of a relationship, or after a break-in. No matter what the case may be, it all jeopardizes the security of the home or apartment. You are not sure whose hand the key must have passed before you get the keys. Reputed locksmith service in Brandon, Tampa, FL, provides exceptional rekeying service to secure your apartment. Do you think the security of your property has been compromised? Do you wish to rekey your property? Then, get in touch with a certified yet reliable and insured residential locksmith service in Brandon / Tampa, FL, right away. They assure you to give you several benefits and also the peace of mind.


Rekeying your locks when moving into a new apartment 

Moving into a new home or apartment can be a daunting and time-consuming task, that makes people forget many things. The security of your valuable & loved ones is always paramount. The former owner of your home may have duplicate keys that were probably given to a few people or still kept the spare keys in possession. The contractors or cleaners and a few others who may have the position of keys as well. It’s not your duty to know or identify who keeps possession of your key or who made a copy! Your primary responsibility is to keep your home secure before taking possession. Hence rekeying should be at the top of your to-do list before moving into a new home. Responsible residential locksmith in Brandon, Tampa, FL, will provide the rekeying service to optimize your security when giving them a call. They will send a professional locksmith to your home to make sure every lock works well.

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Multiple access to your key

Most members of your family or roommates should have possession of your house key. It is also happening when you are in a relationship, and you hand your access to that particular person in your life. What happens if the relationship ends or some of your roommates will leave the room due to disturbances? It’s always a good idea to improve your security by rekeying your locks.

Another typical case where you need residential locksmiths is losing the keys that remain in the car key bunch. While washing the car, the key may probably pass from the hand of your valet to either two or three people before it reaches you. The danger isn’t the valet, but it could be the people around it. It will probably reduce the chance of safety since making the key copy is easy. In the advancement of technology, the key can be duplicated with the use of just a photo as well. If you face such a situation or feel that your home key is copied, it is wise to rekey your residence or apartment.

They rekey a lock by removing the pins and springs in the lock cylinder and replacing them with new key pins and springs that work only with a specific new key. It means you do not need to replace the locks but assured that all your locks work with their new key. Additionally, the professional residential locksmiths in Brandon, Tampa, FL, will carefully examine the locks to check their shape and replace any worn parts. They will lubricate and rekey the lock to help it function smoothly and replace it if they find any locks or keys too worn to be rekeyed.


SLS Locksmith in Brandon, Tampa, FL, provides you with reliable residential locksmith services. Their team of highly trained experts is very dedicated to providing top-notch services. Call them today to have your apartment rekeyed.

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