What to Know about Tractor Transport in Perth?

What to Know about Tractor Transport in Perth?

Tractors play an essential role in Australia’s Agriculture Industry! Tractors are used for transporting the harvested crops to organic stores, factories, and markets. It ensures farm-fresh products reach their destination without any delay. Due to the high powered engine capacity, tractors are highly required in adequate farming. Are you looking for reliable tractor transport companies in Perth? Does your business need a dependable tractor transport service in Perth? Before you contact a tractor transport company in Perth, here are a few things to know!


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Transporting heavy farm machinery or tractor from one state to another can be challenging. You need to rely on a specialized transport service to get the job done safely. It requires special permits, provisions, and equipment for transporting tractors over long distances.

How to Transport Tractors across Australia?

If your business requires transporting tractors between states, you may need the best carriers. It ensures secure tractor transportation. With a tractor transport company in Perth, you can choose the carrier to perform the job quickly and efficiently. Your tractor transport company can take care of the bulk documents and permits required for the transportation.

What Kind of Trailers are required for transporting the Tractors?

There are various types of trailers to transport the farm tractors.

Flatbed Trailers:

These trailers are designed with a flat surface or platform that is reinforced by a sturdy steel frame. Flatbed trailers vary in length and offer versatile hauling capacity. A flatbed trailer having a platform surface for loading is considered one of the convenient tractor transportation options. A forklift or crane is used to load the tractor onto the trailer.

Drop-Deck Trailers:

It is a type of flatbed trailer that has two deck levels. Drop-deck trailers have one deck shorter positioned at the front end to the rear wheels of the trailer. The main deck of the Drop-deck trailer is lower and closer to the road that is perfect for high-powered and tall farm tractors.

RGN Trailers:

RGN or Removable Gooseneck trailer is also called a-float. It is a semi-trailer that consists of two drops in deck height. The front of the RGN trailer can be detached to allow the middle deck to be lowered to the ground to create a ramp. It helps in carefully driving the tractor up the ramp.RGN trailers are the best options to transport high-horsepower farm tractors.

Intermodal Shipping Container:

If you want your tractors to be sheltered against nature’s elements while transporting them, you can choose the standardized intermodal shipping containers. It is the best way when you are planning to transport the tractors via a ship.


Are you finding it difficult to choose the type of trailer for tractor transportation? If your business needs fast and efficient tractor transportation service, trust reliable tractor transport companies in Perth. Allow the logistic experts at LOGiST to provide you with a cost-effective solution! We can help you choose the best carrier for tractor transportation.

We are here to connect the shippers to carriers with 100% transparency and load tracking. Rely on us for highly efficient tractor transport services in Perth that prove to be profitable and time-saving.

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