What to do when you get locked out of your garage accidentally

What to do when you get locked out of your garage accidentally

Sometimes it may so happen that you can’t get access to your garage. It occurs as the garage door is not opening either from inside or outside! In such a situation, you wonder what to do and what strategy to follow to unlock the doors. Probably it will seem frustrating! So, hold your breath, take a relaxed breath and don’t panic! The doors might stop receiving the signals. Try to manual release if you can!

Are you getting tired of pressing the button of your garage door remote, and nothing is happening? It means the door opener is not getting activated due to jammed signals. It may occur as the power outage prevents the electric opener from opening the garage door. In such a situation, use a manual release device that is present inside most garage door openers. If it is not possible on your part, it is wise to call a reliable garage door repair near your Falls VA locality.

So, what you need to do, and how would you use the manual release?

  1. Unlock the door from outside by using the latch, switch, or lock, interfering while releasing the garage door manually.
  2. Make sure that the garage door is completely closed to avoid any injuries.
  3. Make a sure escape from personal damage and never damage the garage door while opening it manually.
  4. Unplug the power cable to disconnect the power from the garage door opener.
  5. Detach the battery from the garage door opener to open the garage door effectively.
  6. Use the emergency release cord, which usually hangs from the center track.
  7. Spot it and apply it only while the garage door is completely closed.
  8. Pull the emergency cord slowly in a downward motion.
  9. Disconnected the trolley and garage door opener.
  10. Open your garage door manually without applying extra force
  11. Ensure that the door moves up completely and stops its moving.
  12. Don’t forget to check the garage door stop properly before taking out your vehicle.
  13. Once you are out safely, slide the manual lock to close it.
  14. Call the expert garage door repair professional in Falls, VA, to fix it and bring it to its normal condition.

What you will do if it is wi-fi enabled opener

Are you looking for a hassle-free option for opening a wi-fi enabled locked garage door? Is it happen due to blackouts or power failure! You can go for garage door openers that have battery backup systems. This is an appropriate solution if you reside at a location that is prone to shutdowns. You can also rely on a reliable garage door repairing team in Falls, VA, to fix the issue.

Best options for repairs and replacements

Never apply extra force over your garage doors. It will damage the garage door mechanism like springs, opener, motors permanently. The most feasible and immediate solution to lock your garage would be to assist a reliable garage door repair team in Falls, VA, that can repair or replace the door. They can fix any issues when the garage door is locked or the opener stops working. They can assess the issue immediately and ask for necessary replacements. They will provide a permanent solution to this problem and get your garage door function as new repaired.

Never take risk while locked out of your garage door, as it can be risky for your family, pets, and yourself. Are you still facing troubles due to a jammed or locked garage door? Fix it by replacing or updating the door or its operating system with the help of a professional garage door installation company like Washington DC Garage Door. They will offer you multiple choices as per your requirement. Their experts will be able to advise, guide, and install garage doors depending upon your demands.

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