What Questions to Ask While Searching For A Commercial Cleaning Company in Chicago?

Do you need a commercial cleaning service in Chicago? Are you searching for a reliable commercial cleaning company in Chicago? Before your search, make sure to identify and list all of the requirements of your business. Understanding the needs beforehand helps you during your Chicago cleaning company search. 

It is essential to know that the cleaning company you hire has proper certifications, follows all safety guidelines, and provides a complete suite of services. You should look forward to hiring a Chicago cleaning company that can create a customized plan to help you save money on facilities, maintenance costs and accommodate your seasonal needs. 

To ensure you find the right match, here are some questions that you should ask while searching for a commercial cleaning company in Chicago.

Does the cleaning service provider track their employees?

A commercial cleaning service provider in Chicago tracks their cleaning staff by setting up Geofencing. It allows monitoring of the cleaning staff and makes sure the job is done on time. By keeping track of their cleaning staff, a service provider offers a level of transparency and ensures client satisfaction. 

Does the cleaning company provide before and after pictures with post-cleaning inspection reports?

Post-cleaning inspection reports are essential for you to know what exactly was done during the cleaning service. In this way, you can be aware that the service level is maintained as per your expectation. 

Does the cleaning service include disinfection and decontamination to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic?

Cleaning or deep cleaning is not the same as disinfecting and decontamination during this pandemic. It is essential to make sure that the cleaning company you choose offers the latest disinfection and decontamination services to fight the spread of infectious diseases. Your commercial cleaning company should use products and equipment that are CDC and EPA certified to protect the health and ensure the safety of your workspace.

As per the CDC guidelines, a cleaning service provider should clean, disinfect your facility to ensure safety. 

What safety measures does the cleaning company take for safety issues?

If there are slip and fall accidents during the cleaning job, you may be liable (if the floors do not pass a minimum coefficient of friction). To be on the safe side, always make sure to hire a commercial cleaning company that is fully insured and bonded. 

Does the cleaning service provider have a backup?

In case one of their cleaning staff is out sick or quits! What does the cleaning service provider do? A cleaning company should have contingency plans to ensure no interruption of service at the client end in any case. The service provider should have backup employees on reserve and ensure proper communication with you to avoid any form of service disruption. 

Does the cleaning service provider have dedicated staff to handle your queries?

It can be frustrating for you to deal with an answering service and callbacks. To avoid this scenario, you need to be sure how dedicated and professional is the cleaning service provider in handling client queries. Prompt and personalized attention by the commercial cleaning experts ensures complete satisfaction. Having a dedicated support team and cleaning staff, a professional cleaning service provider in Chicago offers the highest quality service.  

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