What Is The Reason That Makes the Garage Door Sound So Loud?

What Is The Reason That Makes the Garage Door Sound So Loud?

Almost all garage doors make a little bit of noise. It happens due to the movement of complex mechanisms and moving parts! However, the noisy garage door irritates everyone. Dealing with an excessively loud garage door may be a bigger problem. Is there any solution to repair or fix the loud garage door? The simple answer to it is yes! Mentioned here are some of the basics of a noisy garage door fix.

What are the sources of noisy garage doors, and how to fix them?

It is the foremost question you need to ask yourself? There are a few primary reasons that make you feel your garage door have noise issue:

Worn out or damaged rollers. The rollers make the garage door move smoothly. The rollers move along a track to roll up and roll back down the garage door. If it makes any noise, then it specifies the rollers are squeaking against the track. A broken or worn-out roller may be the source of this noise.

If your rollers are the culprit, you will have to replace them as soon as possible. You may like to consider replacing the steel rollers with superior quality nylon rollers. Such rollers are much quieter, inexpensive and never need regular lubrication.

Garage door opener. The opener of the garage door could be the primary mechanism that moves it up or down. Suppose the noise occurs due to an inefficient garage door opener or it has any difficulty in opening or closing the door. In that case, it reflects that your garage door opener may have a defective or damaged motor.

If the garage door opener is the issue for sound, then the best way to fix it is to replace it ASAP. If the existing opener is the chain drive system, replace it with a belt drive garage door opener. They are much quieter and give you a lesser number of problems.

Improper lubrication. Like any other system with moving parts, the mechanical moving parts of your garage door needs proper lubrication. They make a squeak sound when they rub against each other.

Is there any issue with lubrication? Re-lubricate the rollers, springs, and all moving mechanical parts from time to time. It will be a good way to reduce the sound to a maximum extent.

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