What Does an Electrical Service Upgrade Include?

As technology becomes more advanced, your devices will require additional power to run them. To ensure that your home is ready for the energy demands of modern appliances and electronics, consider having an electrical service upgrade performed by a professional electrician near you.

Here’s a quick overview of what to expect when you hire an electrician in Chicago to make electrical upgrades in your home.

Electrician working on a solar station

Appraising your present electrical service:

When upgrading your electrical service, a licensed electrician must assess the condition of your current electrical panel and subpanels. They will also evaluate your amp allowance, inspect the wiring itself, and note any appliances or devices requiring more power than you currently have. In most scenarios, it is unnecessary to rewire the whole property: instead, the electrician will advocate replacing your main electrical panel & subpanels if required. An outdated or insufficient electrical panel can drastically increase the risk of electrical fires and other safety hazards, so any property owner needs to upgrade their electrical service as soon as possible.


Coordinating with utility providers:

Once you’ve approved a licensed electrician to perform an electrical upgrade, they’ll need to coordinate with utility companies to shut off power from your property for the project’s duration. If they don’t disconnect the power, it could lead to electrocution or fires, which is mandatory for every service upgrade.

Electrician mounting sockets indoors

Upgrading electrical panels & subpanels:

Once the electricity is turned off, your electrician will disconnect and remove your old electrical service panels. New panels will be installed in their place and connected to your wiring. That’s why a licensed electrician with experience in electrical service upgrades is worth the investment.

Electrician and His Job

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