What Are the Top Bathroom Trends in Toronto For 2021?

What Are the Top Bathroom Trends in Toronto For 2021?

What a terrible year 2020 was? Luckily it has passed and 2021 is right there! What better way to begin the New Year than refreshing your bathroom? Keeping your bathroom modern and vibrant is no simple task, but fortunately, whether you’ve a small or large bathroom, listed below are a few easy bathroom trends Toronto that’ll help keep your bathroom looking splendid for the year.

Freestanding bathtubs & sinks:

A bathroom classic that does not get outdated and it is rather easy to see why as they complement any bathroom décor easily whether you wish a more modern look of stone resin or something more classic like copper or clawfoot. Although they may look costly, both freestanding bathtubs & sinks will boost the worth of your house and sustain their value through the test of time.

Bathroom accent walls:

An accent wall gives a centralized location for your bathroom-a focal point for your bathtub or vanity, whichever you want to accentuate. As the name says, it’s a wall in your bathroom that’s made from a different material to contrast against the rest of your bathroom. Renowned choices are natural stone, marble, brick and even wood in several cases. You can paint your wall black & it’ll function just the same or perhaps even a wall mural. And to get a more contemporary look, you can even make use of mirrors as your accent wall.

Bold colors:

Adding vibrancy does not essentially need incorporating a new sink, sometimes it’s just as simple as repainting your existing bathroom. Another pretty acknowledged trend is replacing your old dull colours for something more noticeable and striking. Lime green is a widespread option, proffering your house a summer feel, whereas matte black is becoming quite popular, offering a strong accent to your white toiletries and accessories. Blue matches well with more saturated spaces, whereas orange adds more depth and warmth. You can experiment to find out what appeals to you the most.

Matte fixtures:

An increasingly popular bathroom trend, matte black is a bold & influential color, easily striking & visibly perceptible. The demand of matte finished sinks, counter tops, bathtubs, cabinets and even ceilings are on the rise and it does not look to going of trend anytime soon. With matte finishes, dirt & dust aren’t discernible and the material isn’t easily porous.

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