What Are The Signs That Need An Electrical Panel Upgrade?

What Are The Signs That Need An Electrical Panel Upgrade?

You might not think much of an electrical panel! But it is one of the essential components in any residential or commercial property. It is responsible to provide power without any huddle. We can say it is a means of comfort and convenience. It carries electricity into your house and distributes it where it is most needed. However, electrical panels are susceptible to technical advancements and become outdated.

The appliances we use now are more energy-efficient than those used in previous generations. House and business owners still use more energy than they would have in the last ten years. It means that your older home or commercial space may not support your modern electrical needs. Here are a few signs that you need to upgrade your electrical panels.

You Have Fuses, but not Circuit Breakers.

 Many homes or commercial spaces built before the 1970s have fuse-based electrical systems. Of course, they perform the same functions as circuit breakers! But they may not trip when they are overloaded. Expert electrical engineers used fuse-based methods when the average house did not absorb such much electricity. It is not only inconvenient but costly & dangerous in some cases. It involves potential fire risk. Some insurance companies even won’t cover places that use fuses. Hence your space needs an electrical panel upgrade!

Excessive Use of Extension Cords

Extension cords are standard in most homes. But it is not as secure as you believe. Extension cords are only used during short-lived holidays or celebrations. Less wear and tear of the electrical cables within or against walls, may protect the wiring system. Cords lying about on the living room floor may kink. All such things result in broken outlets or even fires. If you frequently use extension cords, you should install some new outlets. Electrical panel upgrades can keep your place safe.

You Live on An Old Property

Electrification in old homes or commercial places may not perform at their best for the latest appliances. The lights may flick, or it has corroded panels. It may not respond when you use multiple appliances frequently. It may often trip the breakers as well. The existing panel may not be able to keep up with modern technology. Hence it is time for an electrical panel upgrade.

Breakers That Frequently Trip

Circuit breakers are built to trip when they notice changes in how electricity flows. Tripping prevents the system from overheating. Tripping could cause a fire hazard. Frequent trips at the circuit indicate that the electrical draw in your home is too much for your panel. It is time for an electrical panel upgrade.

You’re Upgrading Your Home

Are you renovating your home or wish to add new appliances or electronics to your space? You probably need the necessary power for the enhancements to your home! You should consider electrical panel upgrades to keep them functioning correctly. Upgrading your electrical panel for power reasons is ideal. It is necessary for the sake of yourself and your family. Electrical problems account for thousands of fires each year. So it is crucial to do the electrical panel upgrade.

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