What Are The Different Types Of Washbasins Available For Your Bathroom

What Are The Different Types Of Washbasins Available For Your Bathroom

When choosing a washbasin for your bathroom, there are numerous washbasin designs and styles to take into account. The location of water and drainage pipes, as well as the specifics of the basin, all require careful consideration. Aside from that, you also need to consider essential variables like style, space, and functionality. Choosing the ideal wash basin for your bathroom will be made easier with the help of these below listed tips.

The countertop:

The ideal counter top wash basin must combine strength and beauty. They are also known as self-rimming basins or drop-ins. They are a popular option for a luxurious bathroom because they are pretty simple to install.

The Over counter:

Over counter is the perfect option for you if you want a cutting-edge, modern bathroom. The washbasin is located above the counter or cabinet, giving an eye-catching focal point. They are often favoured in metropolitan areas. The only trick to installing them is that they need to be as low in height as possible to allow for simple and convenient access.


The Undercounter:

The homeowners who desire contemporary, easy-to-clean washbasins favour under-counter washbasins. As they don’t have rims that collect debris, they are simple to clean.

The Wall Hung:

Wall mount basins and wall hung basins are both used interchangeably. With the use of screws, they have a basin mounted to the wall. The user can choose the mount’s location and height as per their need. It’s recommended to avoid selecting hefty basins because they can’t be supported firmly with screws over an extended period of time. They come in a variety of designs and styles that can transform your bathroom.

The Pedestal:

The pedestal essentially serves as the washbasin’s stand. The pedestal washbasins are available as a single unit or as a unit with a detachable pedestal and basin. Customers who want a designer basin may select this style. They are available in cutting-edge designs and lovely themes. They give the appearance of more space in your small bathroom thanks to their elegant design.


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