What are The Crucial Things You Should Look at Before Hiring an Apartment on Rent

If you can’t bear to buy an apartment/house of your own, you probably go for an apartment for rent. Renting an apartment is probably cheaper and quicker than buying a home. You already know what you want in an apartment, and you have probably set specific areas in Bole Addis Ababa or neighborhoods. Renting the apartments is a task that may seem simple at first, but finding a good landlord and a rental location could be an awful job. It is because you may face numerous issues if you miss out on some important aspects that need to be considered before finalizing an apartment or moving into it. Let’s discuss a few of them.

Enquire well about the area: Select a locality near your workplace or schools, hospitals market, banks, and college during the searching process. Looking for the social infrastructures proximity will reduce the hassle of day-to-day living operations. It will not only save your commuting time but the traveling cost as well. It would help if you wanted to leave your home and belongings safe and secure. The locality with CCTV surveillance systems and guards makes sense to stay secure.


Carefully check the tenancy agreement: Carefully read the clauses that specify the period and many other criteria while finalizing the tenancy agreement. If you find any of the disagreeable clauses, then negotiate clearly for an agreeable solution.

Get familiar with your rights: A rent agreement gives you some privileges over the rented property. You should know several things to keep a good relationship with the landlord. Check to know whether the landlord should not interfere with your personal lifestyle, or prevent any visitors or freedom of movement, forced to leave the property, and much more before renting the apartment.

Consider the cost: A monthly rent is not the only amount you have to pay. You have to incur several expenses like security deposit, advance rent, broker’s fee, etc., before finalizing a rental apartment in Bole Addis Ababa. You should make a plan and set your budget accordingly.

Check the goods: If you are moving into a fully furnished apartment, check the furniture or appliances’ condition to stay safe. Ensure that they are in working conditions and won’t need maintenance or damage. Ask to fix the choking bathroom sink or broken electrical fixtures in your new home and check the lights are working perfectly. Also, check that there is no seepage inside the house and it is painted properly. Note the meter reading to check the bills’ accuracy, and never hesitate to ask your landlord about any dues.


Enquire about the house: Enquiring the neighbors, will help you know facts about the house, locality facts and landlord. Another way to ensure safety is by checking the property’s doors, locks, and windows. Have a word with your landlord and ask them to get the house cleaned before your shift.

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