Valuable tip to consider before renting an Apartment

Valuable tip to consider before renting an Apartment

Benalmadena is a diverse city with a growing international community. The city’s thriving economy is creating many new jobs, and developers are working quickly to keep up with population growth. Moving to Benalmadena can be an appealing option that offers sunshine and a pleasant environment. Choosing the ideal neighbourhood that aligns with your priorities is the first step when apartment hunting in Benalmadena. Here is some information to help guide your apartment search in this city.


Choose your location wisely

When booking a holiday rental in the city, one of the best things is choosing a home base that fits your needs and wants. For a relaxing beach getaway, consider coastal towns like Torremolinos, Benalmadena or Fuengirola, which offer beautiful ocean views and quick beach access. These resort areas also have many family-friendly activities that kids will enjoy.

Look at the facilities

Before renting an apartment in Benalmadena, research the city’s many amenities including shops, restaurants, bars, casinos, golf courses, sports facilities, cultural attractions, and outdoor activities. Fortunately, this lively resort town on the Costa del Sol offers excellent services and something for everyone, whether you’re interested in history, culture, or sports. Come explore the many options for yourself!

Book in advance for the best deals

Booking your holiday accommodation well in advance often results in better rates, especially for peak summer travel from June through August. Aim to book at least 6 to 8 months ahead to get the best availability and prices during the busy season. For stays of a month or longer, booking even further ahead frequently yields even bigger savings.

Self-catering or dining out

When booking an apartment rental in Benalmadena, one of the biggest factors to consider is your desired board basis. If you are travelling with family or staying for a week or longer, an apartment with a kitchen is an ideal, budget-friendly option that allows you to enjoy homemade meals using fresh, local ingredients from the colourful markets. However, if you want to fully relax and experience the vibrant food scene, choose an apartment without a kitchen so you can savour breakfast on your balcony, three-course lunches, and seaside dinners. With either option, you really can’t go wrong!

Lease agreement-

When considering renting an apartment in Benalmadena, there are several important questions to ask beforehand. First, clarify whether the rent is charged monthly or annually. Also, find out the late payment policy and if any grace period applies. Be sure to get the exact lease start and end dates. Keep in mind any annual rent increases, as these may not be ideal if seeking a long-term rental. Having answers to these key questions will help ensure you make an informed decision when signing the tenant agreement.                                                  

Proper maintenance-

The apartment rentals in Benalmadena are well-maintained and easy to rent, with staff on hand to handle maintenance issues. Many complexes offer 24/7 emergency maintenance service, so problems like breakdowns, leaks, or power outages can be swiftly resolved if reported to management. With tenant permission, maintenance teams can even make repairs while residents are away at work. This robust maintenance system is a major advantage for those renting apartments in Benalmadena.

Knowledge of Actual rent-

Rent alone does not reflect the full cost of living in an apartment. Landlords may charge additional fees for property management, utilities, and amenities that are rolled into the monthly rent. Frequently, expenses like water, electricity, gas, and air conditioning are not included in the base rent. To determine the total monthly cost, it is important to find out exactly what utilities and services are covered. While cheaper rent may seem appealing, it could ultimately exceed your budget if you must pay extra for utilities, cable, WiFi, internet, and other essentials out of pocket.

Property security-

When renting an apartment, take charge of your security by thoroughly reviewing all safety features before signing a lease. Before moving in, confirm the unit has a high-security lock, buzzer system, fire extinguishers, and any other measures needed to protect your belongings.


Parking Situation-

If you own a car, securing parking should be a top priority when apartment hunting in Benalmadena. Street parking near apartments is often scarce and costly. Therefore, finding an apartment with a parking garage is crucial before signing a lease. However, a designated parking spot frequently requires an additional fee, so be sure to inquire about parking costs as well.


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