Understanding the different essential parts of garage door

Understanding the different essential parts of garage door

So you’re in the market for a new garage door! It’s imperative to comprehend with its different parts and features. The door remains as the prime part you should look for before selecting a good one for your space. Apart from that, you should know about the several mechanical parts that ensure the garage door runs smoothly and safely. Keep reading to find out the different parts of your garage door.

The Door

One of the first decisions to make is what type of door you want. The most inexpensive option is a plywood tilt-up door, but they won’t last long and are not secured from potential criminals. This type of garage door might cost around $500 to $700 for an affordable choice. Steel or solid wood garage doors will cost about $750 and $1,200 or even more based on your need and specification. Wooden garage doors will cost as much as $3,000 or even more based on the type of wood and door style. However, the intricate and unique designs tend to increase the price. They not only give better security but enhance your home appearance.

The Automatic Opener

The automatic garage door opener allows the garage door to open and close with just the push of a button. Garage door repair and installation in Bowie MD can decide which automatic garage door opener is needed for your garage door. They determine the right horsepower of the garage door opener which is based on the weight of your garage door. Most garage door openers come with half horsepower, which is enough to lift most garage doors effortlessly. If the garage door is a little more massive due to insulation, you may need three-fourths to one horsepower as well. It also comes with remote controls and a pin pad, for added security.

The Tracks

The garage door opens or closes, running smoothly with the rollers connected to the door that moves along the track. The track runs along the garage door side and continues onto the top point. The garage door repair and installation team in Bowie MD take special care to maintain those tracks as they know damaged tracks make the door difficult or impossible to open/close. Lubricating and tightening bolts/screws in the way ensure the tracks are correctly secured.

The Safety Sensor

Automatic garage door openers in the past were dangerous as they lacked a sensor. The garage doors with safety sensors make it safe for valuables, family and pets. It prevents the door from closing if something is coming under the door. It makes the garage door openers remain safe and prevent the door from closing if anybody comes in its way.

The Springs

Garage doors are entirely run with the support of extension or torsion springs, and they are durable enough to go for several years. However, wear and tear weaken the springs, causing them to fail. Failure of extension springs causes serious injury. For this reason, extension springs are backed by safety cables. If the spring becomes loose, it can hold the weight of the garage door. Failure of spring makes the automatic garage door opener will no longer be able to open/close the door. It will need the assistance of a reliable garage door repair and installation support in Bowie MD right away.

Garage doors consist of numerous mechanical parts, and understanding them is the primary step in picking the right garage door. If you would like to know more, or if you need a quote on a door, contact BWI Garage Doors today!

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