Top Bathroom Countertop Ideas For A Unique Bathroom Look

Top Bathroom Countertop Ideas For A Unique Bathroom Look

Good-looking countertops – whether made from limestone, concrete, or marble –create highly functional bathrooms that spills over with style. These below listed popular countertop materials are certain to enthuse a bathroom remodel.

Beige marble countertops:

Marble brings a sense of richness well-suited to a stylish bathroom re-do. Create a tranquil scene by selecting a marble countertop a shade lighter or darker than periphery cabinetry.

Brown granite countertops:

Brown granite countertops, with creamy beiges & coffee-coloured specks, refrains a furniture-like vanity from looking bulky. The countertop material is dark enough to pop off white wainscoting, yet remains in sync with your bathroom’s other surfaces, encompassing rich wood flooring & grasscloth-covered upper walls.

Limestone bathroom countertops:

Polished limestone countertops set modern bathroom vanities aglow. They present a lavish appearance, a thrilling gloss, and delicate patterns that complement nickel & chrome fixtures, weathered silvered finishes, and light-hued cabinets. Limestone is softer in comparison to marble and granite and may require sealing when employed as a countertop in busy bathroom.

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Black marble countertops:

As classy and timeless as a tuxedo, black marble countertops radiate when paired with white vanity cabinets. Go with polished marble if you wish a high-end appearance; honed finishes work perfectly in casual, country, and cottage bathrooms.

Green marble bathroom countertops:

Honed green marble makes bathroom countertops with an old-world stance. Green marble countertops feature drastic veins in different shades that work well with weathered patinas & antique accessories. Its deep tones complement metal accents, such as copper chandeliers, wrought-iron sconces, and bronze faucets.

White granite bathroom countertops:

White granite countertops grab attention thanks to dense gray veining with unique spots & lines. Unlike earth-tone granites, white granite is a clean, crisp surface that lightens a space, works perfectly with dark cabinets, and pairs well with polished chrome fixtures & hardware. This style of countertop made from granite is more suitable for bathrooms, in contrary to darker granite you may come across in the kitchen.

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