Things to Know Before Synthetic Turf Installation in Atlanta GA

Things to Know Before Synthetic Turf Installation in Atlanta GA

A lawn or yard of the property reflects your taste and personality as a homeowner in Atlanta, GA. Do you want to make your lawn look tidy, impressive, and organized? Consider synthetic turf installation in Atlanta GA, to enjoy long-lasting attractiveness that requires low maintenance and proves cost-effective.

Synthetic Turf Installation Atlanta GA

Synthetic turf installation at your home in Atlanta, GA:

• enhance the aesthetics

• improve the curb appeal

• Increase the property value

Here are some more exciting things to know about professional synthetic turf installation for your home in Atlanta, GA!

Sustainability and Environmentally-Friendly Qualities

The high equality synthetic turf is made from recyclable and sustainable materials that help the environment.

• Not wasting water in lawn irrigation

• Avoid the use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals that can pollute the soil and water sources

• It can be 100% recycled

• Reduces the carbon footprint by eliminating the need for gas-powered lawn maintenance equipment like lawnmowers

No Pet Urine Odors from the Synthetic Turf
Synthetic turf has pet odor-fighting features like odor-neutralizing infill and anti-bacterial turf. It can quickly drain urine and other liquids. If you want to keep the synthetic turf in the best condition, clean the pet pee spots regularly. You can use soapy water to rinse the pet urine or poop spots on the turf. Professional synthetic turf installation ensures a stink-free or odor-free yard!

100% Safe for Children
Do you know many playgrounds, schools, and other facilities in Atlanta, GA, are switching to synthetic turf installation for safety? How about installing synthetic turf at your home for children’s safety? Installing top-quality synthetic turf can meet the critical fall height requirements and proves to be much softer than natural grass. You can consider shock pad cushions when installing the turf to reduce the impact of a fall injury. Non-toxic and hypoallergenic synthetic turf ensures a safe play area for your children.

Highly Durable and Versatile
High-quality and lightweight synthetic turf are strong enough to resist daily wear and tear. You can install the top-quality turf for highly trafficked areas, walking strips around pools, landscaping around water features, and your backyard putting greens.

Many homeowners choose synthetic turf because of its top-quality benefits, like versatility and life expectancy.

If you want to make the best decision for your home that saves money in the long term, consider professional synthetic turf installation in Atlanta GA.

Rely on the trustworthy synthetic turf installation specialists and roofers in Atlanta, GA- ECG Contractors to get the best and customized solutions! Our professional turf installation can live up to the expectations and transform your concept into a reality.

Call us today at (770)-809-1017 to discuss the synthetic turf installation for your home in Atlanta, GA!

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