The Five Reasons For A Non-Functioning Commercial Dishwasher

The Five Reasons For A Non-Functioning Commercial Dishwasher

If you happen to notice that your commercial dishwasher is not working, then you are one of those business owners in Portland, Oregon, who have added stress to handle. There can be a variety of reasons for such a not working dishwasher. If you explore, you may notice that the actual culprit is a dirty filter, blocked spray arm, or broken down soap dispenser. You need to call an organization that can offer fast and proficient commercial dishwasher repair in Portland, Oregon.


You may be thinking about why to investigate when you need to call a proficient repairer. Your examination will help you answer the inquiries made by the repairing organization better so that they come equipped with spares and tools to offer the best of services at their first visit.

The causes of a non-functioning dishwasher

It may so happen that a general cleaning can make a non-functioning dishwasher turn into a functional one. However, it is not always such. As you examine, you can see that various other reasons are leading to a not working dishwasher.

Unclean interior

Grease, tiny food particles, mineral deposits due to hard water, soap foam, and many other things can find a place in the interior of your commercial dishwasher. If this is the cause, then a professional dishwasher repairer may clean the interior to solve it. They may add 3 cups of vinegar and run the washer to clean the interior.

Soiled filter

A dirty filter may be the cause that pushes you to the hardship of having a malfunctioning dishwasher. If you have a dishwasher manufactured before 2010, there is likely a self-cleaning filter. The filter itself grinds the food particles to a size where they can automatically get washed out. The more recent versions have a removable filter, which needs periodic removal for manual cleaning. If you call a professional repairer, they will remove the filter from beneath the racks and clean it thoroughly with warm water. If they notice that the food particles have a strong attachment, they may soak the filter in warm soap water for a few minutes to loosen the particles and clean the filter.

You may be thinking about why to hire a professional repairer to rectify the defects. It is not a nonprofessional’s job to locate, remove and clean the filter. The professionals have proficiency in doing so, which will help you have the proper solution to the issues. A DIY venture may lead to more damage instead of solving the problem.

Blocked spray arm

The spray arm rotates inside the dishwasher allowing water to the dishes for a proper clean. If the spray arm becomes blocked, then the washer will not function properly. The clogging of the jets in the spray arm may lead to less water and improper cleaning. Removal of the spray arm may require removing a screw, depending on the dishwasher’s model. The professionals will remove the spray arm, rub with a soft brush and soap solution, and use toothpicks to clean the jams in the holes.

Damaged soap dispenser

A damaged soap dispenser may be the cause of the malfunctioning dishwasher. If the soap dispenser is not working correctly, the soap will not reach the dishes at the proper time to have a perfect clean. A jammed spring may be the reason for the soap dispenser not working. It may so happen that a broken spring or the dispenser door may be the root cause. If the professionals observe that a jammed spring is a cause, they clean it with hot water and vinegar. If a broken spring or the dispenser door is the cause, then they have to replace it. A worn-out gasket can also be the cause, and that too requires replacement.

Non-functional inlet valve

If you have observed a sound originating from the unit, there may be a faulty inlet valve. The repair requires professional hands.

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