The Best of Myanmar Through Myanmar Holiday Packages

Myanmar is one of the most culturally preserved and exciting destinations in Asia that you can visit during your next vacation.

Myanmar is a charming and thrilling country for many reasons. From floating villages to valleys of ancient temples that beat out Angkor Wat, to multi-day jungle treks into mountain tea picking villages will amaze you. Reputed tour operators have various Myanmar holiday packages and you need to select wisely so that you have all covered what Myanmar is famous for. Below we detail some of the places which you should not miss to have in your holiday package.



On your arrival, you can feel Yangon be as overwhelming as a city like Bangkok or Jakarta. However, take a deep breath, place yourself comfortably into a hotel, and go for a stroll. In Yangon, you will get to understand the everyday lives of Burmese. They are frequently too busy to try to encircle you with goods to sell but are happy to welcome you with a smile. Discover the old and new of a fast-rising city, and enjoy Yangon’s endless opening for photographers.


Most of the hotels are in this area and this is a great place to taste local cuisines. The 19th and the 20th street are the places you will find endless restaurants offering the best cuisine. You can eat and at the same time watch the activities of local residents.

Shwedagon Pagoda

This pagoda built 2,500 years back is the most sacred temple for Buddhists. It would be best to have this pagoda included in the tour itinerary of the holiday package you select. The photographic opportunities will amaze you. The monks and the surroundings, along with the pagoda, can be the ideal image to capture through your camera lens.

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda and Golden Rock

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is a vast golden rock barely balancing on the edge of a 1,100-meter tall mountain with spectacular panoramic views of the jungle valley. To get to the pagoda, you will need to head out early in the morning and take a bus to Kinpun village. From there, you will be in the back of a truck with monks and Burmese locals.

Inle Lake

Situated north of Yangon is Inle Lake. It is an extensive and striking natural contrast to Yangon tucked into a valley surrounded by green hills. It is a network of canals, irrigation waterways, farms, and a giant freshwater lake. It is an ideal break out after experiencing the bustling city life of Yangon. Enjoy a boat ride through the floating villages. You can experience what living on the water is and feel the residents’ daily lives.


Within some distance from Inle Lake, you can reach Kakku, the pagoda forest. It is a beautiful temple complex, which you cannot miss to visit during your vacation in Myanmar.


Your visit to Bagan can be your most loved experience during the vacation in Myanmar. It is the Angkor Wat of Myanmar and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with 2000+ temples to explore.


U Bein Bridge

When you are in U Bein Bridge, do not miss the chance to capture pictures of silhouetted monks walking across a long bridge with a fiery orange sunrise. The bridge is the world’s oldest and longest teakwood bridge.

There are many other places to visit. However, suppose you with Myanmar Photography Tour and have selected one of their Myanmar holiday packages. In that case, it is for sure you will have a comfortable, safe, exciting, and adventurous exploration of all such places. Call them at + 95 9 250197881 to select the best holiday package and have the best vacation in Myanmar.

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