Slipcover Furniture: The Perfect Combination of Beauty & Versatility

Slipcover Furniture: The Perfect Combination of Beauty & Versatility

Although we’ve seen slipcovered sofas around for a while, they’re coming back in a more updated and modern way lately. Slipcovers were traditionally used in casual settings like farmhouses, coastal cottages, and beach houses, but now we’re seeing them used throughout many different aesthetics and design projects—and they still add a feeling of welcome, ease, and comfort.

Slipcovered furniture is exactly what it sounds like—sofas, armchairs, and other pieces of furniture that have cushions covered with fabric covers. The term “slipcover” comes from the removable cover that fits over the frame and cushions. These covers usually have a skirt that touches the floor and covers the legs of the furniture, but this isn’t always the case in some modern versions of slipcover furnishing. Slipcovered furniture is a versatile option for decorating a living space. The covers can be changed, removed, or swapped out to give a room a whole new look over time.

Easy Care & Cleaning

Slipcovers are the best way to go if you want something easy to clean and care for. Just take your slipcover off, throw it in the wash, and put it back on. If it’s cotton or linen, we recommend line-drying. And if you want to make sure you get rid of any wrinkles, take your slipcover out of the dryer while it’s still damp and put it back on the furniture.

Unmatched Comfort

Relaxed, coastal living is the goal for anyone who has a linen covered sofa in their home. Washable slipcovers mean you can relax without worrying about spills, and the classic rolled-arm sofa is a great place to curl up with a good book or take a quick snooze.

Surprisingly Affordable

The variety of fabrics, styles, and cushions available means that you can customize a piece of furniture to fit your budget. The beauty of a slipcover is that you can replace it when it wears out or becomes stained, keeping the original base piece of furniture intact.

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