Regular Cleaning & Deep Cleaning – What Are the Differences

Not very sure whether your house requires regular cleaning or deep cleaning services? Here, ChoreRelief discussed what both these types of cleaning involves, so that you can choose the best cleaning option for your house.  

To make a decision whether your house need regular cleaning or deep cleaning, take a tour of your home, look everywhere  – under the sink, in corners, at the windows, inside the oven, etc. regular cleaning service is right for you if you are satisfied with the general cleanliness of your house but require some assistance maintaining it. However, if you spot cobwebs in the corners, grease build up in the kitchen sink, and lots of dirt and grime in the bathroom, then it may be time for a deep cleaning. 

Here is what you can expect from both regular cleaning and deep cleaning:

Regular cleaning:

Regular cleaning is what most homeowners conduct on a weekly basis or appoint a pro cleaner to do every few weeks or once a month. The type of cleaning often include:

  • Mopping the floors
  • Cleaning standard rooms (living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms)
  • Sweeping & vacuuming open areas
  • Wiping down exposed surfaces
  • Dusting exposed areas

With a regular cleaning service you can get your home cleaned typically once a week or many times a month relying upon the size of your house and your cleaning needs. Regular cleaning is actually more affordable than you think. Get in touch with Chore Relief today to compare the rates of different maid services in Chicago and choose one that best suits your pocket.

Deep cleaning service:

A deep cleaning solution is ideal for homeowners who have not cleaned their house in a while and looking to refresh their home prior to commencing a regular cleaning routine. Deep cleaning services cover areas that are not generally covered by regular cleaning services. These include:

  • Under the sinks (kitchen & bathrooms)
  • Oven interior (including the glass door)
  • Complete dusting of all corners and hidden surfaces
  • De-scaling bathroom tiles, taps, faucets, shower heads, etc.
  • Behind big kitchen appliances (washing machine, oven, and refrigerator)
Now that you comprehend the differences between regular cleaning and deep cleaning service, you can decide which option best fits your home. Irrespective of your cleaning service needs, you can rely on ChoreRelief. Our app will help you find the most affordable maid service in Chicago by connecting you with multiple cleaning services at a time. We make it easy to book professional house cleaning online so you can free up your time & do what’s important. All you need to do is sign up for the ChoreRelief and have your preferred cleaning service in no time to take care of your home chores. Stay Connected With us Via Social Media Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn.

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