Red Flags to Count On While Looking for a Commercial Cleaning Company

It can be challenging for an office manager to know what to consider while hiring a commercial cleaning company. It becomes even more essential to hire professional office cleaning services since they supervise your work space’s complete cleanliness and appearance. There are a few red flags while hiring a commercial cleaning company in Chicago, which you need to save your valuable time, money, and trouble. Check out the red flags below:

  • Poor Customer Relations

One of the essential aspects you expect from a reputable commercial cleaning company is timely services and proper communication. Usually, cleaning companies do not use effective strategies for ensuring that your office will be cleaned as per your directions. Therefore, you need to make sure to have clear and effective communication with your cleaning company so that they will have appropriate access to your office and have knowledge about what all to clean. Make sure the cleaning company you opt for understands the proper method of communication that you prefer. Whether you choose to text, email, or phone calls, make sure they are comfortable adopting it; otherwise, know that it is a red flag.


  • Confusing and Lengthy Contracts

If your cleaning company brings you a lengthy contract, then you need to understand that there might be something fishy or suspecting. And such companies cannot be considered as dependable. They might hold you responsible with a time-restrained contract leaving you to pay a hefty amount! Remembered an agreement held by time indicates that the work quality is compromised while demanding a large lump sum from you. Therefore, make sure to double-check sneaky, lengthy, and confusing contracts to avoid wasting your money on unsatisfied services. 


  • Use of Wrong Equipment

Professional cleaning companies use the latest and advanced equipment to ensure commercial cleaning of the highest standards. Therefore, while hiring a commercial cleaning company, make sure they use the right equipment. For that, you must first of all consider the suppliers of the equipment. In case the company uses their equipment and supplies, then you must check whether they use the Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, or right equipment or not. But consider it a red flag when a company only prefers to use its equipment that might not be best suitable for your office cleaning. Always make sure to communicate your choice of equipment and supplies with your preferred company. And stay away from the companies that do not agree with your preference.

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  • Do Not Have Valid Insurance

Be sure to choose commercial cleaning companies that have valid insurance. When a company is insured, they are liable for any damage, lost items, and mishaps occurred while carrying out the cleaning services. If your commercial cleaning company fails to provide you a certificate of liability insurance, then consider it as one of the giant red flags. Also, check whether the company carries Workers Compensation Insurance or not as it covers the lost wages and medical bills for work-related illness or injury.


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