Peter Nguyen has the Best Indian Destination Wedding Photographers and Cinematographers

Peter Nguyen has the Best Indian Destination Wedding Photographers and Cinematographers

Peter Nguyen is making wedding shoots unique, cinematic, editorial and dream-like. So, if you have dreamt of a wedding shoot be it a fairy-tale one or a simple luxurious one, it’s going to be a reality. Yes, Peter Nguyen will make your dreamt wedding shoot turn into reality. We welcome you to our photography service. Peter Nguyen is happy for your precious day, wedding day.


Peter Nguyen is an experienced photographer and cinematographer, providing wedding shoots for over 15 years. We have done every type of wedding shoot which made us knowledgeable about what different weddings convey through their different customs and traditions. A wedding can be different but the one similar thing in every wedding is the love and happiness it conveys. A wedding is the start of a new journey. It is beautiful. We all get excited by hearing the word wedding. Peter Nguyen loves to shoot weddings. It’s the day of love, commitment, enjoyment, happiness, and celebration. Therefore it has to be captured uniquely, beautifully and creatively. Are you searching for the right one to shoot your wedding? You don’t have to search anymore because Peter Nguyen is the one you can trust completely for delivering quality and stylish Indian destination wedding shoots.

The Best Indian destination wedding photographers and cinematographers: Your search for the best Indian destination wedding photographers and cinematographers has brought you to the best one. You will receive stunning shoots of your precious day. From engagement day to wedding day we can shoot every event for you without missing any single moment as we know every moment is special for you and it must not be missed. Peter Nguyen promises you a beautiful shoot you will remember for life.

Shooting weddings is not that easy. It needs experiences and ideas to make the shoot worthy. Peter Nguyen has years of experience and we put 100% effort into making your wedding photographs and films beautiful. We provide both photography and videography services for wedding shoots.

Luxury Indian Wedding Videographer

We have a well-trained team of photographers and videographers to shoot weddings in unique ways. In our videography services, we provide engagement films, destination pre-wedding films, video wedding invitations, professional live streaming, videos for receptions. Our wedding videography services are unbeatable. Peter Nguyen stands as a reliable photography service for modern wedding video shoots and photoshoots.

Peter Nguyen is a reputed photography service providing unique and lovely wedding shoots. We know what clients expect from us and we have always tried to reach their expectations and we have been successful in making wedding photography or videography creative.

Peter Nguyen vows you the perfect wedding shoot.

For quality and unique Indian wedding cinematography, choose Peter Nguyen. You will have the best of the best wedding shoot experiences with us.


You can view our gallery to have a look at the lovely wedding films and photographs captured by our professional photographers and cinematographers.

Reach out to us today and plan your Indian destination wedding shoot with us.

We are waiting to make your wedding shoot memorable for a lifetime.

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